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'K, great! I would post it now, but I have to get home first.


Name: Nicholas Owen Lorren
Nickname: Nick
Age: 15
Town of Birth: Celedon City

Appearance: Nicholas is easily described as pallid. His eyes are a washed out brown, and his skin is a sickly gray. Nicholas’ lips are no exception in their paleness. They are also thin, like his body. His body is truly wimpy, with little muscles on his long thin arms or legs. Another contradiction is between his thin sharp limbs and his round eyes and button nose. In contradiction to his pallid color Nicholas has bright yellow hair that has never been bleached by the sun. His cheek bones are also strong, providing a potential to be handsome if Nicholas spent more time in the sun to regain some color.

A sheltered boy, Nicholas wears more “preppy” clothes. A nice collared shirt is preferred, usually striped and with long sleeves. Club shorts and pants are always popular, though Nicholas may wear jeans if it is not a school day. Whenever possible, Nicholas will also wear one of three identical knock-off cashmere sweaters; a striped sweater with alternating shades of light brown, as pallid as his eyes. As soon as Nicholas got the letter he bought an old-time news boy hat that he refuses to take off.

Personality: Childish, immature, introverted and shy are words used to describe Nicholas. He can also be described as imaginative, silly, trusting, and whimsical. Coupled with his innate quietness, Nicholas’ lack of social interaction has led him to be quiet and introverted. He has also been spoiled and babied, and hasn’t experienced many hardships. He subconsciously expects things to come as easily as the ‘A’s he gets in his classes. When facing failure and hardships, Nicholas is easily daunted and quick to whine. He believes otherwise though, convinced that he is one of the brave and noble heroes in his books. He has so ingrained books into his world that the two often merge in his mind. He always comes back to earth and accepts reality, though fantasy makes his world much more fun.

Nicholas has replaced his social interaction with story and fantasy, allowing his already ample imagination to take over. Though he is physically and mentally fifteen, Nicholas has not emotionally matured past eleven or twelve, leading to a naiveté and innocence. Naturally shy around others, puberty has made him almost impossibly shy around girls. His undoubtedly wimpy physique doesn’t help.

History: Nicholas has never had siblings, and his parents have always smothered him whenever they were home. They weren’t home very often, though. Nicholas’ father worked in the stock market and owned a small deodorant company, while Nicholas’ mother worked as a secretary for a high-ranking government official. Nicholas was born introverted and so wasn’t bothered. He satisfied his need for companionship with books as soon as he could read. By the time he was in second grade he could read middle school books and he was always the top of his class, undoubtedly. That was all he ever was. He has never been popular or good in sports. In reality he isn’t even the smartest. He is just good at studying.

Upon reaching middle school Nicholas started thinking about his future. One fad has followed another and so far Nicholas has decided to be an astronaut, an artist, a physicist, a doctor, a food critic, various sports stars, and assorted other careers. Now in high school, Nicholas still hasn’t decided what he wants to be, though his father is pushing him to take up the family business. When Nicholas got the letter from Bastion, he immediately left his parents a note telling them that he had got a scholarship to become a Pokémon trainer and that they could call him on his cell phone. That phone and his non-school clothes is all he took with him beside his Kanto Union credit card. A greyhound took him to Vermillion City’s “Diglett Cave,” where Nicholas joined a group of trainers traveling to Route 2. After that it was easy to walk to Route 1.

Extra Information: Nicholas is seriously spooked by clefairys after he read a book about them.

Role-play Samples:
The Argent Tournement - about a year ago.

“Mother, but he never listens to me.”

“Oswald Urs-Huppert Cecil, if you ever want Fenster to listen to you, then you need to befriend him. And that means interacting with him.” Ossy, or rather, Oswald sighed, obediently saying “Yes mother.” His mom smiled, saying “Lighten up. You’ll get to learn so much from your team mates in the tournament.” Ossy grudgingly smiled at the idea of winning the Argent Tournament; before his mother leaned down to give him a kiss on the forehead. With that, Ossy got out of the taxi, releasing his Pokémon at his mother’s beckoning. With a few flashes of light, a blue plate floated above Ossy’s shoulder, while an artificial computer virus chased after an analytical robot. What fun.

Ossy now faced the pulsing crowd trying to enter the Millennium Stadium. “Not even a resemblance of a crowd,” Ossy said, slightly intimidated. Platte tilted its body in a semblance of a nod, while Donner tried to hide from Fenster behind Ossy. The mischievous porygon was upside down in mid air, a recorded laugh playing over and over again. “Master Sir, please restrain the harassment,” Donner’s recorded voice played, a prototype system the factory had added to Ossy’s magnemite. That whole time, a certain bronzor was using its psychic abilities to subconsciously manipulate the crowd out of its trainer’s path. That proved entirely unnecessary as a trainer pushed through the crowd with the help of a large nosepass. Ossy took the help, following in the wake of the clever trainer, a bit freaked out though when another person slightly bent a pole with an angered punch. “Was that even possible?!” Ossy wondered in incredulity.

Either way, Ossy was soon inside and assaulted by a lady with a clip board; “Hello, sir. Pant. Very nice Pokémon. Pant. Aren’t porygon rather rare? Pant. Anyway, what’s your name, sir? Pant. Oswald Urs-Huppert Cecil, huh? Pant. Yes here you are. I’ll lead you to meet your team. Pant. GET YOUR PORYGON OUT OF MY HAIR!” Ossy blinked unsure what to do, before quickly returning Fenster. The lady then walked off, saying “You’re in room B2! It’s right down the hall.”

Fenster popped out of its pokeball, again laughing its head off. Ossy himself had to admit that it was hilarious, but all he said was “At least try to behave Fenster.” Donner and Platte each nodded their head/body in agreement, before Donner used it’s magnet to open a door in front of Ossy. “Waiting room lobby B2 Sir.” Walking in, Ossy self consciously adjusted his polo shirt, saying “Hello everyone, I’m Oswald Urs-Huppert Cecil.” The boy was obviously nervous, but luckily Donner butted in, his automated voice announcing “As is customary in introductions, I am magnemite model AG-1452, though my trainer prefers to call me Donner, as he prefers to call himself Ossy.” The magnemite continued on to say “These are my trainer’s other Pokémon, Platte, and porygon model 374. My master refers to it as Fenster.” Here Platte floated in to, well, float, in front of Ossy. Porygon zoomed in, and as per his trainer’s commands tried not to misbehave; too much.


And here's something I've thrown together;

The turbaned treasure hunter stared across the desert. His trusty camel galloped across the sands, banishing mirages with the thunder of its hooves. The sun was truly merciless, beating down from the sky. The treasure hunter was distracted from the fake oasis to his left as the outline of an aincient pyramid appeared in the distance. "Hey kid." Nicholas sat up in the stifling bus, blinking sleep out of his eyes. "Kid, this is your stop, right?" Smiling shyly, Nicholas nodded and got up from his seat. He was sorry for the nice bus driver. The man had to drive through a heat wave with no A.C. It was terrible.

Nicholas started as he realized that The bus was already driving off. Adjusting his backpack Nicholas trudged up to the big map of the city. "Let's see, I'm here. Diglett Cave is..." Nicholas drooped as he saw the little marker he was looking for. "I'm gonna have to spring for a taxi." Agent One-Double-O stepped into the car that pulled up by the sidewalk. The agent provided the code words "Diglett Cave," and let the driver debrief him. "Funny you say that, boy, fo' I just took these two kids there two. They ware going one about their fourfth badge or somethin'." The agent processed the code, thinking "If I'm fast enough I can travel with them." Nicholas snapped out of his fantasy as the cab screeched to a halt. "Here ya are, kid." Nicholas hadthe driver swipe his credit card before jumping out.

The marathon runner sprinted down the track. He could see the competition in the distance. In their insolence they were walking. Blocking out the screaming crowds, the booming announcer, the fluttering finish line ribbon, the runner focused on his competitors. Nicholas called out to the other kids tentatively, stopping for a rest himself when the other two stopped walking. They were two ten year old brothers, wearing identical yellow T-shirts and shorts. Nicholas was immediately embarassed that they were five years younger and already on a pokemon journey. Taking the plunge, Nicholas posed the question, "Um, do you mind if I travel with you guys through the cave?"
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