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The resulting rumble from Josh smashing the floor with his fist caused the area to quake for just a moment. Miku braced herself and stood her ground, but she wasn't worried about her own balance. Instead, she looked over to Kiroku worriedly. As soon as the rumbling stopped, Kiroku's eyes slowly opened and the boy woke up with a small yawn. "It's tomorrow already? And you still don't have your bed, Miku-chan?" Kiroku asked, rubbing his eyes one at a time, "Did Miharu go off to check the status of it or something?"

"Go back to sleep, Kiroku," Miku instructed, patting the top of his head as if he were a small child, "Miharu will be back soon." The village girl proceeded out the door and looked for the door to Kenna's room. It didn't take too long, as the mage's door had a marker-board sign on it that said "Kenna." Raising her fist, she gently brought it to the door to knock, but then...

"HEY!!! WHAT DID I JUST SAY?!" Miku yelled, recoiling her extended fist back and punched with the other one. She then proceeded to kick the door a couple times; the resulting echo of the wood being brutalized causing other magi to pop their heads out from their rooms to see what was going on. Most of them seemed a little intimidated seeing a new girl beating up the door to another girl's room. However, the door didn't break or anything. "If Kiroku doesn't get enough sleep I'm going to make sure he's not the only one not feeling one-hundred percent tomorrow!!" She had her fist up to the door as if she was addressing everyone in the room in person. Having spoken her mind, she gave a small wave to all the other Magi looking, trembling in fear, and returned to Miharu's room.

"What was that, Miku?" Kiroku asked as the girl returned to the room and closed the door behind her. She was laughing to herself a bit.

"It's nothing, Kiro-san," Miku said, shortening the boy's name, "Just unfair that your rest is getting interrupted on and off."

"It's alright; things like that happen," Kiroku explained as Miku sat next to him, "I should stay up and see if you two will need help setting your bed up, and then I can go to bed again."

"It's best if you rest now," Miku insisted, reaching out and pulling the boy towards her, "I'll keep you company until Miharu arrives." Kiroku blushed as he felt himself in Miku's embrace once more. There was no doubt she had feelings for him, but Kiroku was still unclear. It would have been rude to ask her if she thought Miharu liked him like that, too, but it would have also seemed rude to him if she said no. Even if that were the case. He'd have to get the answer from Miharu directly. Until then, Kiroku thought as he nuzzled himself up to the corner of Miku's neck and shoulder, I can feel assured that at least some one loves me in this way.

Kiroku couldn't exactly find the weariness again to sleep at the moment, but he kept his eyes closed and tried the best he could to fall back asleep.

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