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"Thank you and have a nice day," Miharu bowed.

The worker waved the thanks away. "Yeah, yeah, the bed will be there in an hour." He paused slightly. "You're welcome, and you too," he added.

Miharu walked off. Well, that was one problem solved. She walked back into the hallway and saw some magi whispering to each other and looking scared at her door. She raised an eyebrow. A few of them noticed her and argued "quietly"; she could hear them loud and clear, but they thought they were arguing quietly.

"You asked her!" one of them hissed.

"No, you!"

Miharu walked up to them. "What did you need to ask me?"

All three of them jumped.

The first one who hissed opened her mouth first. "Um, uh..."

"Usually a sentence consists of a noun, a verb, and an adjective. I would suggest you to add some of those to your sentence," Miharu stated sarcastically.

She wilted. The second one opened her mouth. "Who is that girl in your chambers?"

Miharu raised an eyebrow. Did Miku-chan do something? "Why?"

The third one spoke up. "She stomped out of your room, "knocked", for a lack of a better term, on Kenna's door, threatened them to be quiet, before walking back into your room."

Miharu had to bit back a grin. She couldn't be losing her reputation as a sarcastic ice queen after all. "She is a friend," was all that she would say about Miku-chan. Her voice, eyes, and face suddenly went cold, icy cold. "If I hear anyone say one bad thing about her, they are going to have something really cold up their rear. Get it?"

All three of them nodded fearfully.

Miharu walked into her room, closed the door silently, and fell into silent fits of laughter, mindful of the sleeping Kiroku. "Did-did you really kick at Kenna's door and threaten them to be quiet?" She had known it was kicking due to the footprints she saw on the door and the small wood cracks. "Their faces...!"
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