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Darkness Reigns



Angels were always amongst us. They had observed and protected

us from the evils that tried to corrupt us. We never saw them, but we could feel

them. Every bad thought that entered our heads, every bad deed we ever intended

to commit, the angels reworked them. They tried to convince us of the true dark

nature of those thoughts. They were always our protectors, and we never even

knew it. If you've ever had a person who you just felt absolutely safe with,

someone you just knew was pure, they were an angel.

Not all angels could take on a physical, human form. It took

years of practice in making their forms visible to the naked eye, and only those

who could focus all of their energy into their power could master it. They could

not maintain their human forms for long periods of time, but the longer they've

been training, the longer they could stand. Some angels, surprisingly enough,

were born with the ability to show a physical form. These angels were capable of

both using their physical form, and their angel powers in unison, something that

even angels with thousands of years of experience could not quite master. These

angels were born very few, perhaps only a dozen in the angels history, and more
than one was never born within the same century.

Angels age just the same as humans. Each year, they get older,

bigger, taller, just like the average person. Of course, angels have their

exceptions. One of the angels most common abilities, would be to stop their

aging. Angels could live as long as they wished, and at any given time, they

could choose to stick to one permanent age. Once the aging process was stopped,

it could not be started again, and the angel would be stuck with that body and

mind set as long as they were capable of living. Some angels, of course, decided

never to stop their aging. Some wanted to connect with humans, and figured the

easiest way, would be to grow with them. Though, they were not aware of the fact
that if they aged as humans, they would die as humans. If they didn't stop aging
by a certain point in their lives, they would become mortal, and thus, die as
one. The only exception to this rule, would be the Elder's Council, who made all
important decisions for the angels.

Angels were born with natural abilities. Ones that they could

use to free the humans from their evil thoughts. They were not true mind

readers, as they could not pin-point every thought within a person's mind, but

they were capable of locating all negative and possibly dangerous thoughts.

Their downside to this ability would be the fact that they cannot simply choose

a human and read their thoughts. These kind of thoughts would just drift into

their minds, and they would have to use their other abilities to solve the

issue. The only way they could read a specific person's mind of their own will,

would be if they established a connection with that human. They also have the
ability to inject thoughts and ideas within a person's mind. Again, to only go
to a specific person, the angel and human must have a connection. This power is
generally used within a group of humans, spreading the thought into the air,
which would then affect the human's way of thinking.

Angels are very pure creatures, but they are not incapable of

being corrupted, as well as humans. They are just born with a natural resistance

to that corruption, and they spread that with the humans. What the angels were

not aware of, was with every thought they sent, and every person they saved from

corruption, they lost a little piece of their resistance. Because of this, some

angels would find that when they tuned into humans dark thoughts, they were

being bogged down by them. Their sense of wrong and right would be severed with

every human they saved. This would soon lead to some angels falling into the

dark path that they had been trying to help the humans avoid.

Over the years, many angels have fallen victim to this

corruption of this darkness. Of course, the Council has downplayed this in hopes

of keeping their Kingdom a safe and calm place. The thing is, the number of

these corrupted angels has made the regular angels jobs much more difficult.

These angels are no longer protecting humans from the darkness, but are now

leading them towards it. They have the same abilities as the good angels, and

thus can use their powers for their own accords. This puts the Earth in

jeopardy, as these corrupted angels can use the humans natural urges for evil to

their advantage, giving them an edge against the good angels.

After years had passed, the corrupted angels had managed to

make the good angels job nearly impossible, and soon enough, they began to fight

the good angels directly. They felt that their existence was no longer needed,

and thus acted to remove the good angels from Earth. This erupted in a war

between the two angel sides, who by this point had been labeled as "Angels of

Darkness" and "Angels of Light". The Angels of Light were not fond of using

their powers for the harm of any other creature, especially those of their own

kind. Despite that these angels had traded sides, they were familiar with one

another, some of them were loved ones and friends. This put the Angels of Light
at a greater disadvantage.

As the war raged on, more Angels of Light were corrupted, and

though some tried to stay true to their Kingdom, the majority were converted to

the side of the Angels of Darkness. Years went on, and the Angels of Light grew

outnumbered by the new Angels of Darkness, forcing them to retreat back into

their kingdom. This lead to the humans of Earth falling into the darkness that

the Angels of Light had tried for so many centuries to protect them from.

This is not to say all humans are corrupted. There are few

humans that were born with the natural resistance against this darkness. This

happens within one of two cases: either the human is the product of an Angel of

Light and another human, or that they were given 'the gift' by an Angel of

Light, which would protect them from the darkness.

For many years, Earth has been watched from above by the

Angels of Light, who are unable to successfully make an appearance on Earth, as

the Angels of Darkness could sense them. During these years, the Angels of

Darkness encouraged the dark thoughts within the humans mind, and Earth has

turned from a haven, into a circle of blackness. This was the way the three

beings existed, and it was how it seemed it would always remain...



Something extraordinary has happened within the Light Kingdom.

Three Angels have been born with the ability to create a physical form. This is

one of the most unexpected and unbelievable things to ever happen in the Light

Kingdom, but it is something they are grateful for. With this natural ability,

these three Angels have the power to go to Earth, using their physical form to

hide their true Angel essence from the Angels of Darkness. The Council then

informs the Light Kingdom that there was a human somewhere on Earth with the

positive power needed to save the humans from all of their evil deeds. The

Angels of Light decide to raise these three Angels, teaching them how to use
their normal abilities, and to prepare them for their mission: To go to Earth
and find this extraordinary human, and convince them to use their powers for the
good of the Light Kingdom, before the Angels of Darkness sense this human's

What the Angels of Light are not aware of, is that the Angels

of Darkness have also found three Angels with the amazing ability to create a

physical form. Several other Angels of Darkness are able to do this, but none of

them that are as young as these three. The others have had many, many years to

practice, but these three are naturals, and they plan to use this to their


It is now come the time for the Council to send their three

Angels of Light to Earth in search of this 'Special Human'. They are to be sent

to a city known on Earth as New York City. The Council has said that this area

is where the Special Human's energy is coming from, but that it is impossible

for them to pin-point the exact location from their position. How hard could it

be to find one human in New York City?

I'm sure y'all know how it goes by now. The introduction post. Here, I tell you what you need to include in your first post. Once everyone has posted once, then it's basically free reign.

Here are the main goals of your first post.

Angels of Light

- Land on Earth

-Recieve a communication device

-Decide what you want to do (as in, do you want to stay with the group, do you want to go off on your own, go find a hotel, just randomly fly around, talk to the other angels, you get the picture.)

A note on your part: from the time you decended the Kingdom to the time it got you to get to Earth is exactly a month.

Angels of Darkness

- Sense that the angels are on Earth

-Decide what to do (go search for them, go find another dark angel (or plan to run into them), try to get all the dark angels together, ignore them and just do something else, and so on and so forth.)


You have less goals really. (not like there are that many to begin with)

-You also sense that the Angels of Light are on Earth, but you don't know it. You just get an odd (strange) feeling.

If you want to try and go in search of what is causing this odd 'feeling' feel free too. Really, it's a pretty free form RP.

Equilibrium Angel

-I'd say your main goal would be the same as the DA and the Human's goal. You'll probably sense that the Light Angels have landed on Earth, and perhaps you know that some trouble may rise up from this. Like the DA, you should decide what you want to do. Do you want to go find the LA or DAs? What do you want to do? Like the others, you basically have a lot of free room to to do what you want

As long as you get those things in your first post, then you're free to do as you wish. So feel free to have your characters be doing whatever, as long as those requirements are met.

Some notes before we actually post:

1) Humans cannot see the angels when they are in their Angel forms unless the angel allows them to, and Angels can only allow one human to see them at a time.

2) The Darkness Angels MAY know one of the humans and vice-versa. You've had a physical body for quite some time, and you all live in the same general area, it's understandable for you to have had some contact with each other at some point. Just make sure it is okay with whoever it is you want your character to be in contact with.

3) There will be times when I need to supply certain characters with specific information for their mission. I will most likely post these things in the OOC thread, so be sure to check on that from time to time. If it's something that I don't want the ALL the RPers to know quite yet, then I'll send it in a PM.

That's it. Now we can post :3

My Opening Post

Savannah held onto her cup of no-longer-hot coffee with both hands, and it was obvious that the drink had gone to waste. It was still relatively full, no more than a sip or two could have come out of it, yet this girl had been seated at this same cafe for the past half hour. Several had come and gone through the glass doors, really paying this young girl no mind. It wasn't an odd occasion to see the young ladies of the town hanging around in their spare time, in fact, Savannah was notorious for coming to this specific cafe on most Friday's.

She tapped her foot on the ground to go along with the song she was hearing through the speakers of the old cafe. The songs they played were often songs that Savannah, herself, wasn't too aware of, nor fond of, but since she never came to this particular area for the music, she could live through it. Besides, it's not like it was too hard to drown out the music with the thoughts that often drifted into her head.

Her mind was currently occupied by the passing people of the busy street. She could easily see them through the glass windows of the cafe, and she made no attempt to hide the fact that she was clearly fascinated by those people. Her head was tilted to one side slightly, and her bright, blue eyes portrayed the wonder that wandered across her mind with every human she saw. Through-out her years in this place, she had seen many of the same humans, but she also saw those who were simply here for short periods of time, and with each group that left after so long, another one was there to take its place. So she always had something or someone to keep her on her feet.

She had yet to come across on another interesting human in her visit to the cafe this morning, something she was quite disappointed of. She sighed and pushed her cup up the table and out of her immediate reach. It had been nearly a month since anything excited had happened around her. There were no human's that had caught her interest recently either. She either knew them already, or they just held no interest in them what so ever. Whatever the reason, this left Savannah rather bored and alone inside the small cafe. She folded her arms onto the table, resting her chin on them. For only another moment did she watch the busy people of the street before closing her eyes with a long and heavy sigh.

The atmosphere shifted as a light pressure seemed to lift out of the air. Savannah furrowed her brow, but ignored the feeling none-the-less. She buried her forehead in her arms, pouting to herself over the lack of objects to satisfy her interest. Something struck her odd when she felt the wings imprinted on her back pulsate. She gave it a minute, letting the sounds around her fall silent to her ears, her focus prominent on the sensation she felt. When she felt it again, her eyes opened and a short and quickly vanishing images appeared in her head. She saw no faces, no true appearance or anything of the sort. All she saw were four white wings outlined in a blue sky, and then the sight was gone. It took her mind a moment to register this, and she had to call on former information, but she soon realized what this was: those angels she had sensed weeks ago had finally made it to Earth.

A bright smile lit up her face at this realization. This meant she had new toys to play with. After so long of having to do duties around with those other boring angels, she could set her sights on something of more interest to her. Now, it seemed like she had a game of cat and mouse to play, or perhaps just hide and go seek, except those angels didn't know they were hiding. All she had to do was find one of them, and perhaps that could give her something to occupy her mind.

Savannah quickly jumped to her feet, using her hands to push herself up from the table. She wasn't going to find one of those white winged creatures sitting around in an empty cafe doing just about nothing. If she wanted to find something or someone to cure her curiousity, then she had to go out and search for it, and that was exactly what she intended to do. She picked up the small, black and white backpack that lay on the ground beside her and slung it over her shoulder.

She looked down quickly, smoothing out her black mini skirt and readjusting her black, button up, dress vest over her white and black tie-dyed tank top. After pulling her auburn hair back into its normal pigtails, using her favorite red bows, she slipped her feet into her black slip on shoes, which fit comfortably over her knee high white socks.

"Looks like it's time to find something more fun to do!" she said to herself, clasping her hands together, still smiling.

She didn't even look around at the few people still left in the cafe before walking hurriedly to the door. With both hands, she pushed the glass doors open, smiling widely as she embraced the sun around her, despite the slight stinging that it caused her physical form. The imprint on her back began to make itself known once again, and she knew that her wings were itching to be stretched out. But she also didn't want to risk one of those angels spotting her before she could spot them, and then them end up running away from her. So she decided to play this out by foot for now, and came to the conclusion that wandering around the town until she could feel their presence in a stronger sense would be her best option.

Walk aimlessly around this city until I notice a signal, I can totally do that! she thought to herself, humming along to a song that only she could hear inside that odd little mind of her's.
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