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New York Skies
Feeding the bloodlust within him

Mars sniffed loudly and smiled, he could smell them, the pitiful light angels who would soon be burning at his hand his chain was wound around his arm and his scythe was concealed in his robe, a sadistic smile was above his face.

He was flying a good five hundred meters above the city of new york. His dark wings casting a shadow on the ground, any humans caght in the shadow felt a strange sense of cold and dread, the sense brought by an angel of the dark. He saw a random human, alone, in a forest on the outskirts of the city. A perfect sacrifice to his own bloodlust. He swooped down and landed in front of the shocked human. With his black cloak and pale face, Mars drew his scythe, the human in panic would most likely assume him to be the grim reaper from legend, in many ways it wasn't wrong.

Thats right IT wasn't wrong, all humans were the same to Mars, pointless if not useful to him and undeserving of discretion.

The human fell to its knees and began to beg for his life.

"Please Mr. Reaper, it's not my time, I'm still young!" The human was choking on tears.

"Pathetic..." Mars muttered.

He walked over and grabbed the human by its hair. He pulled its head back and glared at it.

"Im taking you to hell..." He murmured.

The human began to cry openly.

Mars grew his wings and lifted the human up high, his own laughter and glee overpowering the humans mild and pathetic cries and whimpers. He reached a good height and launched the human through the air. He threw his chain forward and drove it into and through the humans back. He swung the human around like a toy before releasing it and flying towards it as it dangled momentarily in mid air. He sliced his scythe diagonally, chopping the humans body into two triangular pieces before flipping and kicking the body to the ground.

Mars smiled as he heard the screams of others as the body landed in a nearby street, splattering it with gore.

(OOC:That may be a bit gory... but I didn't mention anything about the actual blood and stuff... I just wanted to really show how rutheless and psychotic Mars is. :3)


Mars felt good, the cruelty and meaninglesness of the kill made him feel better about himself. He could tell that the light angels were truely within this city and it made him lustful and wanting to spill theri blood. He had heard a fairytale once that an angels of lights blood was golden.

He wanted to know if that was true. He wanted to taste the tinge of a light angels blood upon his blade, the blood of humans and dark angels didn't satisfy him anymore, at least not as much.

When he left he had sensed that even his trainer was afraid of him.

He dreampt that one day the almighty himself would fear him, he dreampt that one day his blade would taste the blood of a godlike entity.

However for now, humans would do, for soon his scythe would finnaly feel the tinge of a light angels blood. He was sure of it.
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