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"Damn you."

Zack pushed the boy away, and he fell on the ground with a grunt. Zack was in his usual place, in a dark alley, with a few of his... "minions" as he call them. The boy in front of him had challenged him, defied Zack's command to hand over his money. In return, Zack had pushed him away, not scared to get violent at all. There was something inside him, some kind of unknown force pushing him to attack the boy.

"Ugh..." The boy said, as he got up rubbing his head. Soon he was on his feet, looking at Zack's group with a confused look. He seemed to have forgotten where he was. As soon as he realized it though, he fumbled around inside his jacket pocket, and clumsily took out a knife. "D-Don't come near me! I-I'm not afraid to use this!" He cried, waving the knife. Zack's mates backed off, scared by the knife.

Zack's first reaction was fear. Even though the boy was scared, he was armed. He could harm him easily. Zack was about to back off, when he heard a voice, the voice inside his head.

"Why are you scared? He's just a kid..."

Zack blinked. He could feel confidence overpowering fear, and a different personality taking over. He felt much more confident, more evil, more powerful. He marched up to the boy with his chest puffed out, and he could he him shivering.

"S-Stay away!" He yelled, and waved the knife like a madman. Amazingly, Zack grabbed the knife from his hand with a quick movement, and the boy, along with Zack's friends, stared at him with wide eyes. Zack immediately pointed the knife at the boy, and backed into a wall. Zach was about to chuck the knife away when he heard the voice again.

"What are you doing? Finish him!"

Zach stared at the shiny surface of the knife. "Nah." He whispered to himself. He tried to throw the knife again, but for some reason, his body wouldn't obey. Instead, he moved closer to the boy, pointing the knife at him. Zack tried to move away, but instead he got closer to him. He wanted to resist, but there was something controlling him, from deep inside his mind. He could see the fear in the kid's eyes, tears running down his cheeks.

"Do... it..."

Hearing this, Zack thrust the knife into the boy's chest. The last thing he felt before passing out was the cry of the boy echoing in his ear and his blood splashing onto his body.


Zack awoke with a start in his bed, sweating, panting for breath. He rubbed his face.

"Oh god... another nightmare..." He thought.

"Nightmare, Zachary? Is that what it really was?" Came the voice.

"Yeah, that's what it was. A nightmare." Zack said to himself, and got out of his bed. It was late afternoon, he had probably slept late last night. He couldn't remember. He was all alone in the little apartment, living by himself for some time. He walked into the kitchen to make himself some toast, when he saw a knife, recently washed. Zack froze. The knife was way too similar to the knife in his dream.

"What happened Zack? It's just a knife..."

"Yeah, just a knife..." Zack ignored it, and made himself some toast. He grabbed it, and switched on the television, flipping through the channels. He stopped when he saw an almost bizarre story on the news.

"Apparently, the body had been cut into 2 portions with a sharp object. According to an eye witness, the body had been dropped from the sky..." He could hear the reporter's voice fading as they showed a picture of the mutilated body onscreen. Zack controlled himself from puking, and then he heard the voice.

"So beautiful... so lovely..."

Zack looked at the photo carefully, he couldn't get his eyes off of it. "Yeah... so... beautiful..." Suddenly, he felt a headache. The pain was sharp, and intense.

"Dammit..." He said, and he rubbed his eyes, then slowly massaged his forehead. The pain seemed to increase more and more, it felt as if his skull was about to split open. He popped in a few medicines, but there was no change.

He heard his phone ring, and grabbed it. On the other side was one of his friends, asking him to come over to get some pizza.

"I... can't man... I have a freaking headache."

"You sure man? I mean, it's gonna be-"

"I have a bad feeling, okay? A bad vibe. I don't feel safe."

"You need some hel-" Zachary cut the phone. The pain was still hurting him, and every sound felt harsh to his ears. He grit his teeth, pressing his forehead, when he felt the pain slowly subside, fade away. He felt a bit better, and decided to distract himself from the weird murder and the headache.

"I think I should go out for a walk."

"I think you should go and kill somebody."

"Not in the mood."

Jack headed out of his apartment, deciding to take a walk. It was a pleasant day, it wasn't very warm or very cold. It felt just right. It felt unsafe to go out with the murder, but he didn't care.

He walked through the streets of New York, and for the first time in many months, he felt at peace. The voice was not nagging him. He didn't feel the usual anger and negativity. He just felt... peaceful.

That's when he banged into a man. He had just come out from inside an alley, and had caught Zack unexpectedly. The man was dressed completely in black, covered from head to toe. He looked like some kind of agent or hitman. Zack fell on the ground, and he yelled at the man. "What the f*ck?! Watch where you're going, you blind idiot!"

"Make him pay! Get revenge! Make him suffer..."

Zack could feel his other side take over, ready to fight back against this mysterious guy. His perfect peaceful moment had been destroyed.
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