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This is my first roleplay so don't expect it to be your best RP ever.


A long time ago, at a time when Sinnoh was uninhabited, one powerful Pokémon and four of his minions brought up a large land mass and made it grow. When they were finished, they hid in special places and went into hibernation.

These powerful Pokémon were:
Dasmi (Rock-Ground)
Kokiar (Grass)
Samis (Water-Electric)
Vectino (Fire-Air)
and the strongest of them was Raniki (Physic-Ghost)

But something went wrong. For some reason, they got fossilized instantly during their hibernation and were forgotten, even by the other pokémon of that land...

140 Years Later, when 8 Scientists sailed to the still uncharted region that was this landmass. They claimed control over the region and called it Bransife.


Suddenly, earthquakes started and havoc broke out, tornadoes and everything went flying up in the air. Then the entrance to the hiding place got covered, as things settled down and calm began to reign. The scientists looked around and said it was safe. So the word spread and they let people inhabit the island. They found one portion of the people in the cities who liked their rulers and the others did not, this caused conflict. So, the scientists created a criminal syndicate, recruiting all they could to form "Team Hurricane". The normal people were happy with them for a while until a man called Brandon Purgeni was angry at them and took over and started his own police force and got more and more police on the Island to work for him, under his rules.
Now, Team Hurricane wanted revenge so this was their opportunity.
Evidence showed that the Legendary Pokémon keep the island stable. So if they stole them, the Island would crumble and collapse and send the others fleeing to Unova where they would catch them from the dark alley ways and lock them away. Never to be seen again. So their plan was a win win situation. Nothing possibly could go wrong! Or so they thought, but something did... The Legendaries erupted from their tombs enraged. Now, more trainers have been called in to explore and wander about. You too are one of them. You can decide to go to Ilo City or Uinana Town. You are in Aurnirford at the moment. This village has a dock, a few houses and a Pokémart stall and a house with Old Lady Jane that can heal your Pokémon. Go forth to the world of Pokémon!


You get your pokémon by stopping Old Lady Jane being burgled by Team Hurricane
She has 9 Pokémon
Pichu - Hero11 (Striker Lamos)
Level 5
Moveset: Pound.
Charmander - RubyForever (Venus Nebulous)
Level 5
Moveset: Pound
Piplup – Aquataris (Kybolt)
Level 5
Moveset: Pound.
Level 5
Moveset: Pound.
Mystery Egg
Level 0, Warm
Level 10
Moveset: Splash, Tackle
Level 6
Moveset: Tackle.
Level 7
Moveset: Tackle.
Snivy - Chef30 (Emma Robinson)
Level 5
Moveset: Pound.
You may pick one,

Special Bransife Pokédex data

Lugia, The Diving Pokémon, It slumbers at the bottom of a deep trench. If it flaps its wings, it is said to cause a 40-day storm, It is also said that is a Arch Enemy of Raniki.

Dasmi, The Giant Mole Pokémon, this mythical pokémon is said to be the protecter of the mountains, it is also said to provide shelter for wild pokémon in the mountains using its tunneling abilities.

Kokiar, the Armoured Tortoise Pokémon, this mythical pokémon is said to be the protector of trees, if a forest is endangered it will shoot it's shell into the air and makes it's shell expand to cover the forest and turns it's shell to steel and preduces light from the inside of their shell at will so they can still allow the trees to flourish.

Samis, the Coral eel pokémon, this mythical pokémon is said to be the protector of the coral, if a coral is endangered it will electricfy the threat.

,The Fire Storm Pokémon, this mythical pokémon is said to have the power of the Sun, It protects light in the world, it uses air to hold it's snake like body up, and it's fire on it's back to ward off things that are harmful to what their protecting, it is also said it uses it to control it's powers and to have a emblem of power.

Raniki, The Dimensional Master Pokémon, this mythical pokémon is said to have the power of manipulating Dimensions and distrupting them.

Sign Up

Name: First and Last.

Nickname (Optional):

Age: 20 Maximum

Gender: (Boy or Girl?)

Appearance: I'm fine with Picture, but not the hero(ine)/rival of ANY GAME

Personality: 2 lines minimum

History: 8 lines minimum

Pokémon Species:

Moveset: 8 maximum 1 minimum, at first please copy and paste the moveset for your pokémon

Theme: Optional

RP Sample: Please Enclose in spoiler, with a title of the RP and a link to the RP out of the spoiler, if it is your very first RP. make up something that might come in this RP.

Second Character SU(Team Hurricane):

Name: First and Last.

Rank: (Corporal or Grunt)

Age: 19 Minimum

Gender: (Boy or Girl?)

Personality: 2 lines minimum

[COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue ! important]History[/COLOR][/COLOR]: 8 lines minimum

Pokémon Species:
No Legendaries, No 3rd Evo,
Moveset: 8 Maximum
Level: (30-)

Theme: Optional


Be active
No Godmodding
Bunny with permission from roleplayer, confer with GM if trouble.
It's G-Rated, so hold yourself on to that!
Reservations last for 4 days
Standard RP and PC rules
Put the answer to this “What was the third and tenth word in the Plot” in your Sign-Up so I know you have read the story and rules
If you do not have the Password in your SU you will be Denied.

My SU:

Name: Cameron Numbilis

Nickname (Optional): Kybolt

Age: 18

Gender: Boy


Personality: Kybolt is a very short tempered kid, He is secretive and he takes stuff seriously, he acts older than he is, he likes water pokémon and he does not like ground or flying types, he is ambitious, being a previous champion he has confidence in his choice of pokémon, as he has chose well last time he thinks he will do it again.

History: Kybolt was born in Sunneyshore city, Sinnoh. When he Kybolt was young, he was given a piplup, when he was 10 he hid this Pokémon from everyone and trained it, he chose to have a all Electric team except for his piplup, he became a trainer battling all the gyms... he attracted a lot of attention when he entered the Sinnoh Pokémon league, when they thought he had lost the final battle, he brang out... Empoleon

The Crowd gasped as Empoleon materialized, beating the final battle, in his fame and glory he ran out and went back home, at home he got a call “ We looking for bright, new trainers to come to Bransife...” the Anonymous voice boomed, Kybolt replied back “Sure I'll come.” The Anonymous voice cheered “just take the first boat to Bransife"
He called back to his mum “You'll be seeing me on the news!” he said as he sped down the road with his bike, he got on the boat, he put down his bag, and then someone out of the shadows wearing a Black outfit with a Big White H on the front, he threw out his pokéball , A Pidove, “Pidove, Whirlwind on the bag!” Suddenly the bag flew into the air and flew right onto a speed boat with a flag of a Tornado and a H on it, This man with a Black and white robe stood up “Thanks for the winning team!” The guy who looked as if he was a boss, the guy in the Black and white outfit ordered “Pidove use fly!” and he flew away.

Kybolt went to his friend who was there and explained what happened “That's Team Hurricane, looks like they got your pokémon and all.” Dividi explained, the boat arrived and he set foot on the land of Bransife...

Pokémon Species: Piplup

Moveset: Pound
Level: 5

Theme: Pokémon - We Will Meet Again.


Chef30 - Sprites and inspiration for being a GM
Skymin - Plot Reviewer and Accepting the RP
Red's Hawt Chilli Pelippers - Plot Reviewer
RubyForever - Adding finishing touches to Plot
Last but not least You, for joining.

Character Disclaimer (or whatever): I made this character and then applied to your rp shinysweety.

RPs I'm in:
Gladitators (Dropped)
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The New Land RP (Dead)

GM in:
Dimension's End (Dead, See Signature)
Future Roleplay (Planning Discontinued)

My PC Family:
My Little Sister: chef30!
My Lovely Pair Ex-Pair: RoleplayGirl11!
My Sister: DarkAngel

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