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Originally Posted by BigAron View Post

Recently, I acquired the a GBA flashcard for the ds, the EZ-flash 3 in 1, I perfectly run normals games, but hacked games don't work, do you have a solution.

Thanks allready!
Have you patched the ips file to the correct rom?

Originally Posted by sawen View Post

Im working on a rom hack, i've made a lot progress, changing the sprites, map, starters, pokémons, trainers, and everything , when testing the game it works fine until route 8 where it suddenly becomes black so you can do anything! Anyone can help me out?
Hmm, I can't really suggest much on this but if you PM me I will be sure to try and help out more on your problem

Originally Posted by AlfaTyrogue View Post
So as long as the name isn't used on this site I can use it?
Or shall it not exist at all?
Are you on about the name of Pokemon Hacks? Then yes there can only be one say "Pokemon Opal" but if that name is already taken you could just use something like "Pokemon ShiningOpal" or just come up with a new name but if you dont see the name in the progressing hacks then the name will be available

Originally Posted by Raitenau View Post
I think my doubt is appropriated to this topic, if not, i am sorry for that. Anyways, i was exploring the Tutorials section, because i want to learn how to insert tiles, but i got confused somehow when it speaks about coloring the tile for insertion or something. So, in order to insert the tile you need to color it O.o?
If need be as far as my knowledge goes you need to recolour it to the correct palette, there are some really useful tuts on here, try the ones with screenshots so you can see clearly what they're doing

My question now!

Does anyone know where I could find some Halloween esque tiles? or some dark graveyard/spooky house ones? Thanks :D
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