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Aurore gasped frozen as he appeared in front of her again and cried more eyes closed with a scream as the chain went towards her face. She was expecting death but it never came. Instead she felt the tip of the scythe under her chin and when she opened her eyes she whimpered at the sadistic look on his face. "W-Why" she whimpered as he pulled a black amulet out of his pocket. There was a crack in it and she faintly saw it glow red.

"You're very lucky my sweet, I've decided to let you live, in fact I've decided on more than that. I'm whats known by you humans as an angel of darkness or as a false term "fallen" angel." he said showing her his black wings which caused her to whimper again crying in fear. "This amulet... it will bind my soul directly to yours and you'll never be able to remove it should you, or should I say "when" you put it on, it will drain the life from your body and filter it into me, it will turn your pain into energy and feed me, however it will never come close to killing you." and Aurore could pick up sympathy in his voice unable to tell if it was real or fake.

W-What should I do she thought whimpering and crying closing her eyes again as he continued to talk to her.

"But never fear my sweet... in return for this service I will become, as you would say, your... guardian angel. I'll protect you because if you die I lose my fulfilment." at this she opened her eyes seeing him push the amulet closer to her.

Aurore was still terrified and heard him tell her she would die if she refused and would die if she defied him or took the amulet off. If she accepted she would be stuck his slave for all her life and this thought brought more tears to her eyes. But he also said he would protect her as well. Aurore cried more trying not to shake in fear as she thought to herself trying to figure out a positive to accepting. After a moment she found it. People where still constantly trying to harm her to get to her father maybe if she had something looking out for her she'd feel safer. "Je vais prendre l'amulette" she muttered in french before more tears fell "I will take the amulet"

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