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Adlan Zaidi
New York City
King's Hotel; Room 0512

Adlan woke up in a daze. He'd just had a terrible dream. No, not a terrible dream, the terrible dream.

Adlan's parents had just been murdered by gangsters, he was running up the street away from them, a seven year old him. The gangsters were not normal, however, they wore a set of black wings on their backs, and each had black hair. Their faces were almost completely shrouded in shadow. Eventually, they caught him, and just as he was about to be torn to pieces by raging teeth, he awoke.

Adlan had no idea whether this was a memory or simply a conjuring of his imagination.
Adlan looked around him. Everything was as it was before, but the TV had been shut off, it was still the dead of night, and....Toadface (or so Adlan had come to call Cornelius Armstrong) had disappeared. The light switch was flicked off too. Adlan got out of his bed and turned it on. There, now basked in light, stood the figure of a man. He was holding a gun, Adlan's Flintlock to be precise. The boy looked over to the long red desk, the Flintlock was obviously not there anymore. Toadface gasped at the sight of Adlan for a moment, then shakily pointed the gun toward him. "Hey, just calm down, man" Adlan said as he lifted his hands in the air. The man had a face of fear on him. What was to fear from a thirteen year old boy at first glance...? This man was obviously traumatized. "Why did I bring this idiot in?" Adlan thought to himself. "Now, Cornelius, I just want you to lower that gun" Adlan said to the man in a calm voice. The man shook, hesitated for a moment, then threw the gun away, near the trashcan. Adlan sprinted and picked it up. He pointed it at the man with a steady hand and shouted "Who do you work for?!" The man, bewildered, hid behind the red desk. After a few moment's silence, the man said " for the-the Bank Of New York Mellon..." the man stuttered, afraid. Adlan lowered his gun and approached him. "Alright then, you can come out, I won't harm you." Adlan gestured. He put his gun down on the table. "Explains the fragility, the man works in banking" Adlan rolled his eyes. The man slowly withdrew from his hiding place. "My name's Adlan Zaidi. Pleasure to meet you." Adlan extended a hand to the Toadface, who shook it lightly. Toadface then proceeded to sit on his bed. "Good thing you've got a suitcase. We gotta move. Pack up a few things we might need from this hotel." Adlan commanded. Toadface stood, face slightly less pale, and set to work.

"Well, I've been surviving mainly off the snicker bars you may have seen in my suitcase. I manage to avoid gangsters by blending in" Toadface blurted. His voice was raspy, like he was dehydrated. "What about you?" he said. Adlan had no intention of speaking about his past. Instead, he said "Cornelius, you sound thirsty. Have a drink from the tap before we go." in an attempt to change the subject. Adlan pointed to the small bathroom door, in which stood a sink. "Ah, yes, yes." he sneered as he approached the sink, and took a few sips. He cleared his throat, and in the same raspy voice he murmured "All better" not very enthusiastically. Truth was, over the last fifteen minutes, Adlan and Toadface had been getting to know each other quite well. Toadface, or Cornelius, was in fact a Banker working at The Bank of New York Mellon. Weird name, but he was a high up executive before the gangs took over. They shut down the business. They apparently stole all of Toadface's money in the process. Shame, too. But money was almost entirely irrelevant in these times.

After no more would fit into the tattered suitcase, the duo set off into the streets of New York City once more. They needed to find another place to rest, if Adlan knew the gangs, then he knew not to stay in one place for more than twelve hours.

"Help! Help!" came a scream. "What-what was that?!" Toadface panicked. Looking from left to right. "Help! Somebody help!" it came again. "Let's follow it. It might lead me to my mark" Adlan said. "W-wait, what mark?" Toadface whimpered. Adlan sighed, "If you just come on I'll tell you." he said. He'd blown it. He was hoping to use Toadface to deceive the gangsters he was gonna kill, but now that Toadface had become curious, he had to tell him or kill him. "I think it came from that direction." Adlan pointed to the northwest. There was a short dark alleyway there, only illuminated by a few strands of moonlight. "This way." Adlan signaled for Toadface to follow, that he did.
Adlan had to help Toadface cross the alley, slowing him down significantly. Which was annoying. First, they were pitted against a large dumpster blocking the way. Adlan had managed to climb over it, but had to come back down for Toadface to come. Next, a fence. They started climbing it, but Toadface got his foot stuck in the thin metal. Adlan had to pluck him out of it. A few other obstacles slowed Toadface down, and Adlan started wondering if this man was an asset at all.

Finally, they made it to the end of the alleyway, they emerged to see a man, he was hidden under a cloak and was threatening a young lady on the ground. The most peculiar thing about the man was his...wings? He had a set of black wings, he was holding a scythe to the brown-haired woman's throat, saying things about death, and an amulet. Adlan quickly urged Toadface back into the alleyway, hidden. "You stay here" he told the banker, cocking his Flintlock. "You're very lucky my sweet, I've decided to let you live, in fact I've decided on more than that. I'm whats known by you humans as an angel of darkness or as a false term "fallen" angel." the armed man said, as the woman whimpered. "What the hell? Is this guy for real?" Adlan thought to himself. It may as well have been true, maybe these "angels" were what was causing his dreams about them. But it was totally irrational, so Adlan waited to hear more. "This amulet... it will bind my soul directly to yours and you'll never be able to remove it should you, or should I say "when" you put it on, it will drain the life from your body and filter it into me, it will turn your pain into energy and feed me, however it will never come close to killing you." the man continued. An amulet? Now that Adlan took a close look, the young woman was holding an amulet in her hand. A dark amulet.

"But never fear my sweet... in return for this service I will become, as you would say, your... guardian angel. I'll protect you because if you die I lose my fulfilment." the man said, his scythe still very much pointed to her throat, while he urged her to put his strange amulet on. "This is all bullsh**" Adlan thought to himself, as he placed a second hand on his Flintlock. The woman then muttered something in french, a language which Adlan had luckily learned. "I will take the amulet" she said. If this rubbish was true, however, then Adlan could not let her take the amulet, especially from a creep who was holding a scythe to someone's throat. "Freeze!" Adlan cried at last, revealing himself from his hiding place. "Drop your weapon, or I'll shoot!" Adlan cried out again, with a strong voice. However, there was a hint of fear in his voice. What the armed man had said had picked at a part of his memory. And if it was all true, then Adlan was in for some deep sh**
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