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These types of questions always get me excited. So, let me try to say this in the fewest words without this sounding like some essay. Alright, alright. What I like most in my antagonist is that they are realistically evil. That means, they have a certain character depth that makes them who they are. For example, in the Harry Potter series, Voldemort truly thought that the way that he done things was the way to restore the wizardry world back to its former glory. That is what makes a good antagonist; they don’t consider themselves as evil.

I think that people forget that people always think that they are the good guy. There are few completely insane cases in which they know what they are doing is wrong. Those people are usually sociopaths and ends up being their downfall in the long run. That’s beyond the point. A good antagonist has traits that makes commendable, has a good reason behind their actions, and/or believes their way is the right way.

People also forget that the antagonist can be a good guy, while the protagonist can be the bad. It’s just the idea of opposition that makes them who they are. I like to see antagonist that are realistic. Not all the time “I AM EVIL, I WANT TO RULE THE WORLD!” That just makes me say….why?

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