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Quote originally posted by Sgt Shock:
People also forget that the antagonist can be a good guy, while the protagonist can be the bad. It’s just the idea of opposition that makes them who they are. I like to see antagonist that are realistic. Not all the time “I AM EVIL, I WANT TO RULE THE WORLD!” That just makes me say….why?[/SIZE][/FONT]
Like that you mentioned that as a protagonist and antagonist is moreso opposition and not just who's the good guy and the bad guy.

Anyways, like everyone else I like antagonists that have motives for what they're doing and why they think it's for a good cause. I also like antagonists that are good but then slowly changed into something more sinister (the development has to be believable, of course!) An example of that is Jacob Alexison from my finished fic, Nothing, Everything. There was an incident where he accidentally caused and someone else was accused of it. He was helping that person get out of the situation at first, only for him to suddenly turned his back against the accused person.

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