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Originally Posted by コナンくん View Post
Yeah Next month I get money from my school, so imma save it up to get a 3DS and get a few other games besides KH3D, like Abyss 3D, LoZOT, and some other games. Also I might get a Vita next year tho Im not gonna get FFX HD remake for it, cause I got a PS3 for that, Just want it for some games like P4 (lol the games Im saying on here is like nothing to do with sqaure).

But any whoo I've been itching to play KHIIFM again but Ive been busy with other games. haha.
I wish I could play kh2fm...(cries to self)
anyway, my mom is going to wait till the price drops on the 3ds, then she will get me one lol

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