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Quote originally posted by dragonomega:

1) - Depends where it's from. Amazon, Play-Asia, Play, Any Gaming website you'll be fine with. Ebay is the biggest worry. It would help if you told us where you're getting it from.
2) - Yep, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold and Soul Silver are all capable of using the PokeTransfer and yes, two Ds systems are required. They do not have to be the same system. (You can have one Ds Phat and Lite or Ds Lite and Dsi)
3) - Nope, only possible with the Ds systems, emulators are a no-no.

Hope this helps.
Yep, Im ordering from amazon, so i hope everything will be fine. If not, the 90 day warranty is reassuring.
But for poketransfer, what if i only have one ds, and i play both platinum and black on that one ds. if i need two ds systems for poke transfer, wont my save file not be on the other ds, therefor all my pokemon wont be there? how does that work? do i need two ds systems, and play one game on each?

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