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Quote originally posted by DavidJCobb:
Quote originally posted by SupahNinja:
I know it's possible, because that's what happens every time the player rides their bike or goes fishing, but I don't know the proper commands to use in XSE.
Those aren't implemented with script commands. There are no script commands that can change the player's sprite...

Quote originally posted by SupahNinja:
This is for FRLG, by the way.
...unless you're modding FireRed and you've applied JPAN's Hacked Engine.

How is it done in the game?
ASM? Because I was planning on learning that soon, and I might as well start here.

My feelings on
ROM hacking:

-I like scripting a lot.
-Mapping is almost as fun.
-Hex editing isn't bad at all.
-I do NOT enjoy spriting.
-I've been meaning to start learning ASM for a while, but I don't ever seem to have enough time.


-My favorite color is green.
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Growlithe, Charizard, Mew,
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