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Nintendoshs' Jhoto: Zombiemon is accepted!
This is a lot better, thanks for fixing it up.

雷影 イチロ's Focus Shift: A New Awakening and its OOC are accepted!

Aquataris' Dimension's End is declined.
Like I said before, this has potential but the plot is extremely hard to read. I very much suggest you read it aloud (like, actually talking) and try and fix up all the grammatical errors. Most of the sentences are too flimsy and hard to put together. Seriously, read it aloud and rewrite the plot.

Miss Doronjo's Disagea: A Darkness is Reborn is accepted, d00d.
psst, you spelt disgaea wrong like... everywhere lol

GOODBYE MY FRIENDS ILL MISS YOU :'( / being human finale
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