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Oh. My. Kami-sama. <3 We need to get Zamorak to start RPing again so we could (quite possibly) get the whole group.

Name: Miharu Mizushima

Age: 18

Gender: Female


Physical: Miharu has straight, black hair that reaches up to her shoulders. How she wears her hair depends on the situation; down for casual, in a ponytail for sports/walking, and held up in a bun with chopsticks for battling (physically or pokemonwise). Miharu also has black, almond shaped eyes which turn into slits when she grins heavily. She weighs about 110lbs and is about 5'6". She is Japanese and looks like it too, obviously. Miharu has fairly developed muscles from traveling around and practicing martial arts. She does have quite a number of scars though, the worst on her back which is a multitude of small cuts. She does not have any tattoos, however.

Clothing: What Miharu wears is usually dependant to the weather/season. She usually wears a plain, black t-shirt and a black cargo pant, as black is her favourite colour. However, she can mix in the occasional blue and sometimes even red. She usually does not wear any skirts or dresses, not because she hates them when in fact she actually doesn't mind them, it is because it usually hard to maneuver in a dress/skirt and because if she kicked someone, she could very well flash them. She also wears black, Chinese styled flats that are easy to maneuver around in, like the rest of her clothes. It also helps her to walk silently. She does not wear any jewelry.


Miharu is usually a jokester at heart, almost always seen with a grin on her face. However, she is completely sarcastic and snarky to extremes, which can allow her to gain friends or enemies. However, she is a fairly good liar and manipulator.

She had an interest of psychology at a young age and tried to read other people along her journey. However, she can only get a basic idea of their personality, and it may not always be correct.

She usually doesn’t like to show weakness and will, most likely, not accept help unless she is dying. And even then, she’s hesitant. It isn’t because she’s prideful; it’s just because she doesn’t want to feel like a burden to anyone.

If the situation calls for it, she can be completely straight faced and not crack any jokes. This usually only happens under RARE occasions.

During battles, she is quite ingenious, able to think of tactics that most people feel that are "out of the box". Sometimes, she taunts her opponent to anger, which makes them sloppy and rash. During battles of any sort, her wit becomes sharper, her sarcasm becomes greater, her jokes (and amazingly lame puns) appear more often, and she is usually only focused on the battling. She feels that she truly comes to live during battles, physical or pokemon.

However, due to her martial arts training, she will never try to strike an opponent first. Sure, she may annoy someone to the point of them being murderous, but she will never throw the first punch. Due to this, she can keep her temper. Well, unless human stupidity and ignorance shows itself. She also has quite the addiction of TV Tropes and the lingo sometimes, most of the time, will appear in her dialogue. She also likes to make references to some books, movies, and TV Shows. She usually likes to make references to Psych and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

She is also quite neutral on everything and really doesn't care about much. She's more of a "go with the flow" type of person. However, she will state her opinions if she feels that everyone else's is wack and it is going to get people killed.


Miharu was born in the town of Pallet (xD) in Kanto to a single mum. Her father ran out of the family before she was even born and when Miharu found him...well, let's say that he's lying in a ditch somewhere and leave it at that. Her mother was the greatest mum Miharu could ever wish for. She was supportive, loving, kind, and taught Miharu well...until she died when Miharu was ten. Having an Espeon hang with her since birth, Miharu left to go on her pokemon journey to the farthest region out there; Unova.

Unova was quite strange to her. Although she had glanced at maps before (and as such, knew where to go), she had never seen any pictures and such. Being born in a fairly small town, seeing all of the large cities, at first, made her extremely disoriented as she kept trying to remember everything and to take in everything. It gave her a huge headache, but soon she got used to the cities. Capturing quite a few pokemon (understatement), Miharu defeated all the gyms in Unova. When she made it to the tournament afterward, she managed to get in the top thirty-two, good for her age of eleven.

After this, she moved onto Sinnoh. Sinnoh was Miharu's favorite region to go through as she met Cynthia. Between her seventh and eighth badge, she managed to chance a meeting upon Cynthia, the champion of Sinnoh. They sparred, and, obviously, Cynthia won. However, they became close friends after that, still talking to each other and sparring occasionally. She went on to the tournament. She managed to make it to the top sixteen, but lost to another trainer.

Hearing of her achievements and her friendship with Cynthia, she received an invitation to a tournament in the Almia region. She accepted and battled her way through tough eliminations. She managed to make it through to the finals, having to face Cynthia. However, the night before, a terror struck the tournament. An army of Rotoms were causing mayhem and destruction. Miharu managed to stumble upon their leader, a shiny Gengar (Nightmare). They fought immediately. Most of Miharu's pokemon were at the Pokemon Center, the only one with her was Toxicroak, but it wasn't a really good match-up. Nightmare had super-effective attacks, while Toxicroak's best attacks were easily dodged. Nightmare, charging up for a Shadow Ball, suddenly aimed towards Miharu. Toxicroak was quick and was able to take the blow instead, but slamming into Miharu and making them hit parts of the walls that got tear up from the fight, which is where the multitudes of the scars on her back are from. Somehow, a master ball Miharu got from Cynthia managed to clip out of her belt and rolled over to the gleeful Nightmare. Nightmare, too happy in his win, didn't see the master ball until it clicked onto his feet and captured him. Both Miharu and Toxicroak were losing blood fast. Miharu, remaining consciousness, was able to call Cynthia who teleported to where they were, using one of her pokemon. Seeing what happened, Cynthia quickly took everyone to the pokemon center/hospital. As both Toxicroak and Miharu were recovering from their injuries, the finals were postponed. Miharu got better, but it took Toxicroak a longer time for healing. Miharu left for to battle in the finals. Due to pain that Miharu had, she didn’t manage to knock off any of Cynthia’s Pokemon, which is worse than her usual knocking down two of Cynthia’s Pokemon during sparring. Cynthia frowned, then noticing that something was off with Miharu. It ended up that her stitches were torn and she had to go back to the hospital. Cynthia visited Miharu and told Miharu that Miharu would have done better if she was in full health. Miharu shook her head, disagreeing. Cynthia shrugged, and left. After Toxicroak fully healed, Miharu left for Hoenn.

Hoenn was pretty much the region where Miharu tried to be the best trainer she could be to Nightmare. They had quite a lot of wacky adventures together, getting into weird situations (having models attack them, accidentally stumbling onto dead bodies more than once, etc.). Miharu went and beat all of the gym leaders, but decided not to go to the tournament at the end of the league. Instead, she went to the Battle Frontier and proceeded to beat all of the Brains there. After that, she decided to go to Johto.

Johto was only one region away from home; and the two regions were connected. Johto was a bit more rural than Kanto, but it still felt reminiscent to home. This was also when she found out about Nightmare's life. Nightmare was originally a shiny, due to being “special”. He was also one of the weakest Gastlys. However, that changed when a team of scientists captured the whole pack of Gasltys and Haunters. They were all experimented on, trying to get them to evolve into the next level without leveling up, or without trading, as well as giving them the ability to talk. However, Nightmare was the only one that survived out of all of the Gastlys and Haunters captured. When he was a Gengar, he managed to learn Hyper Beam, which allowed him to break through the cage and escape. Nightmare, before escaping, was able to destroy the machines, but apparently not kill any of the people. He laid low for a few days, before heading off to Almia, where he lived before being captured by the scientists. Then Nightmare battled Miharu and got captured. During Johto, they got wind of a group of scientists doing the same experiment. Nightmare, enraged, went to the compound. Miharu followed. It ended up being the same team of scientists that experimented on Nightmare before. They were both captured as the rest of Miharu’s pokemon were at the pokemon center at the time and were going to be experimented on, when Bishamon realized that he was unable to get in contact with Miharu. Bishamon managed to track Miharu down psychically, along with the other four of her pokemon, and they launched attacks on the lab. As one of their attacks hit the power source that powered Nightmare’s and Miharu’s cages, Nightmare was able to phase through the bars of the cage and broke Miharu out. The head scientist, enraged that his experiment was going to fail again, tried to kill them. However, Nightmare killed the head scientist. They were able to fight their way out and accidentally exploded the building, killing everyone who was inside and destroying the equipment. However, after this, she decided not to do the Indigo League. She decided to save it for after Kanto.

Kanto was the region in which she met her only legendary; Mewtwo. Mewtwo she met in the Cerulean Cave. After defeating Misty for her second Kanto gym badge, Miharu went on to travel the Cerulean Cave. She managed to make it through to the end when she saw Mewtwo. Mewtwo immediately attacked, knocking Miharu into a wall where she managed to slam her head to the wall and passed out. She woke up to dripping water and remembered what had happened, She quickly got up, ignoring the throb of her head, and checked the surroundings. Mewtwo was gone. Still having some free time before the Indigo League, Miharu traveled a bit throughout Kanto. She had managed to take down an uprising criminal group that had slowly becoming amongst the likes of Team Rocket, Team Aqua, Team Magma, Team Galactic, and Team Plasma. However, she managed to miss the leader. The leader, enraged, sent an assassin after Miharu with the projects they were working on. The assassin tracked Miharu down to Mt. Silver in where they battled it out. The assassin used normal pokemon that Miharu was able to defeat with ease...Until the assassin brought out mind controlled Salamance and Garchomp that could not feel any pain. Miharu was losing, and losing badly. Soon, it was just Nightmare, Miharu, and Sei left. Miharu fought the assassin head on, physically, while Sei fought off Garchomp and Nightmare fought off Salamance. Miharu noticed that Salamance and Garchomp didn't respond as well when the assassin was distracted and pushed her advantage. However, the assassin managed to get in a good blow that stopped Miharu for a few seconds, allowing the assassin to pin Miharu to the ground and put a knife to her throat, deciding against using the knife, and started to choke her. Seeing Miharu in trouble, Nightmare was able to defeat Salamance with a well-placed, good luck, Metronome, while Sei still fought off Garchomp. Nightmare Shadow Balled the assassin off of Miharu. The assassin, seeing that the Shadow Ball would kill her if she was still on Miharu, stopped choking Miharu and was able to dodge the Shadow Ball. As Miharu tried to breath, she managed to notice two black jewels on one of the assassin's earrings. She managed to rasp out an order; Nightmare to start attacking Garchomp so Sei would be able to take and give the two black stones to her. They both followed their orders well, and the two black jewels were in Miharu's hand. She smashed them before the assassin could stop her, and Garchomp suddenly ran away from Nightmare and sliced the assassin as Salamance ripped the assassin with his claws. The two black jewels were the project; like how Kyogre and Groundon were controlled by the Red and Blue jewel, the two black jewels would be able to help them to control Garchomp and Salamance, except in a fact that they could not feel pain. However, since they could feel pain now, the Garchomp and Salamance immediately passed out after killing the assassin. Miharu managed to contact Bishamon and then Miharu was sent to the hospital, her Pokemon, as well as the Garchomp and Salamance, were sent to a pokemon center, and after an overnight stay, she was allowed to leave. After this was when Miharu shifted for the first time at the age of fifteen. Miharu had this weird feeling, although she, at first, thought it was just something she ate, but it ended up being the telltale signs of her shifting to the Aether Realm. When she got there, both Sei and her figured out that they could hear each other telepathically and that her pokeballs were gone. Not trusting the new place, Miharu stayed in one spot before having the feeling again and coming back to the place she left. This time, she put her pokemon in the PC box, aside from Sei, and tried to get the feeling again. It worked, and she was sent back to the Aether Realm. This time, she went exploring. When they finally came out, instead of being in Kanto, she was in Unova. Scowling at the trouble, she contacted Bishamon telepathically (which she can do with only her psychic pokemon, but not Sei) and asked to be teleported back to Kanto. Two weeks after that was the Indigo League. Miharu managed to win the tournament, and then proceeded to go against the Elite Four and the Champion. She beat the Elite Four with ease and then it came down to the Champion VS Miharu. Each of them had one pokemon left, Sei and Venusaur, starter VS starter. Sei, however, after defeating three of the champion’s Pokemon on her own, was too tired to defeat Venusaur, and as such, Miharu lost.

After this defeat, she has been training on Mt. Silver for the past two years. She had managed to see Red once, but they didn’t really talk to each other.

RP Sample: (Taken from Humanum Familiares; Just realized I forgot this, lol.)

"...However I'm unsure how they recognised our precense already...They could only have realised that if something was approaching from the air..." Emil shot a sneering glance at Miharu.

Miharu rolled her eyes as ice needles appeared in her hands. "Dude, we were barely off the ground. We were a few INCHES off the ground. Kaida's just amazing like that. Plus, they probably knew that people would be coming after the princess. She is the princess after all."

However, Emil could not respond as the soldiers were right on them. Miharu threw her ice needles with startling accuracy, each of them hitting pressure points that would cause them to lose conciseness. A few attempted to surround her before they fell to the ground from the scary aim of her ice needles. Then, a barrage of arrows came and hit a dragon and quite a few of the guards. However, by the time that the arrows came, all of the guards that had tried to attack her, thinking her of the weakest link, were all on the ground, to be knocked out for eight hours.

Miharu nodded, smirking. She noticed a movement out of the corner of her eye and saw that it was a kid. It also seemed that "Mist" saw it as well and shot the kid in the leg. Miharu winced. Didn't anyone knew that one at least took a second to assess the "threat" before shooting?

Like "Mist", Miharu's blood boiled at the obvious mistreatment. She growled at Emil who offered to kill the boy. It was the first time that she had lost her temper, ever. Although it would usually be cute on girls, it was just ferocious and slightly scary on Miharu.

She walked closely to Kiroku, inspecting him for injuries. She noticed a few scratches, but it seemed that that was all the injuries that Kiroku sustained. When they reached the cave, as others started the fire, she dragged Kiroku a bit away.

"Let me bandage those scratches," Miharu stated.

Kiroku looked ready to argue, but with a look from Miharu, he did not say anything.

Miharu grabbed some bandages from her pocket and tied it around his scratches.

"I am not sure what affect potions would have on you," she murmured softly, "so I would rather not try to give you potions if that is alright with you. We should probably test this later with the school nurse."

Kiroku nodded and soon, Miharu was done with the bandages.

Kiroku whistled appreciatively at the bindings. "How'd you get so good?"

Miharu shrugged. "Sometimes potions were hard to come by. Bandages were the best I could come up with at some times." It would be bad for the family image if they had to buy so many potions for their daughter, after all. Plus, when she lived on the streets, potions were much too expensive to buy for the smallest injuries, so she learned how to tie bandages well pretty fast.

They both came close the campfire as the secretary gave her name. They both listened fairly quietly, until Emil asked, "What do you make of this...boy?"

Miharu hmmed. "Why the pause before boy? Really, you nobles are such arseholes." Never mind the fact that she was still technically a noble, but still... "I am quite stuck between that he could be a spy, or that he could really just be a mistreated child. Since I really would not like to mistreat children, I would just say that we should probably not talk about our plans around him, but still keep him around and keep a watch on him. If he does seem to be a spy...Well, we should probably incapacitate him. Not kill him, but make him knocked out for about eight hours, which is something I can do with pressure points. However, we should probably treat that gunshot wound so it does not become infected. The cave will not help matters anyways."

Miharu stood up and knelt to the kid, Ben. She was glad that he was asleep, then he would not have to feel the pain. She checked his leg carefully. Luckily, there was an exit wound, so she wouldn't have to take out the bullet. It also didn't seem to hit a huge artery and with his age, he probably would not bleed to death due to the fact that the vein probably clotted already. All the same, he could be infected and that would be terrible. Miharu cleaned the wound and bandaged it, making sure that he would not wake up. When she was done, she went back to the "circle" around the campfire.


Name: Sei

Gender: Female

Species: Espeon

Personality: Sei is the serious one out of the two. She is extremely logical and sane, as with Miharu, you can either join her in her level of insanity, or go really sane. She really doesn't like to think of the impossible, believing things that cannot be explained by scientifc reasons should not exist. However, she has become more open due to hanging out with Miharu for all of her life and the fact of the two realms.
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