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trying to squeeze the last drop of maple syrup from the annoying plastic bottle
Yeah, ketchup bottles are like that too, lol

Well now, Michael's type chart is coming along quite nicely. And maybe he's rubbing off on Henry... that ploy to get Jerry to reveal his type preference was quite cunning... though Bertha's possible suspicious stare is a bit unnerving. Still, Psychic isn't represented at all on the type chart, so I'm looking forward to seeing how Michael will prepare for a foe that's an unknown quantity at this point.

but investigators are scrutinizing every possible detail, not ruling out the possibility of a criminal operation
Wonder if they're even considering the possibility that the "criminal operation" could be Team Galactic itself... or whether the team big wigs are so influential that they're above suspicion...

Well, looks like we have two sets of interviewers about Amity Square... and *GASP!* they meet! So perhaps this casual neeting between Michael and Nancy & Co. might be hinting that their paths will cross again someday... possibly involving Team Galactic. That would look to be a grand 'ol time

Until next chapter! Looking forward to it!

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