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Valorie did some math and glanced back at the boy on the Latios again. If she was right, that had to be Lance. Of course, it wasn't the Lance she tended to treat as some kind of idol. Goodness knows she would never be graced to be one of the last free humans on earth alongside him. On the other hand, was he really captured? It was hard for her to imagine that he had been taken and not her. Perhaps it was just luck, or perhaps she underestimated herself. However, here she was.

Valorie noticed some sort of tension going on between Adriane and the two boys. She wasn't sure what that was all about, but contrary to female stereotypes everywhere, she didn't consider getting involved. This was mainly due to the fact that, in her eyes, they had more important things to be doing. Namely, saving the rest of the human race. Lance may have shared that sentiment, as he seemed to ignore the glare. Of course, Valorie didn't know him enough to make any assumptions.

Flygon glanced up at Valorie questioningly as if to ask her what was going on. Valorie responded by simply leaning over and petting the flygon as if to reassure her that everything was alright. Meanwhile, she was oblivious to how eerily silent Mesprit had become. The legendary sprite of emotion was anxious, though it didn't really show. One thing was for certain though. She and Valorie were both as ready as they'd ever be, in the sense that she doubted Valorie would be any less overwhelmed by the prospect of saving the human race as time went by. It was simply too huge a deal for someone her age. She only hoped that Valorie would manage to pull through all this.