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NY Streets
Darkest of the Dark
Mars smiled as the beam charged towards him, he reflected it with his scythes blade and watched as it plunged into another human who had just rounded the corner, said human fell dead and Mars felt his bloodlust replenished. Granted the energy beam had been powerful and it had hurt him slightly.

"It seems you're more powerful then you thought... but unless you've forgotten I've got an unlimited sorce of power!" He ran towards the human and stopped before her when he saw Savanah.

"How pathetic Savanah..." He said disaprovingly.

"Do not sympathise for tools, if she dies I will find another, however I do quite enjoy her taste."Mars licked his lips.

"Sorry my sweet, but I seem to have need for that guardian angel strength sooner rather than later." He pushed Savanah aside and grabbed the amulet.

A sickening red glow surrounded Mars as the amulet drained the human down to near death level and filled him with strength. More strength then he had ever felt before... this human was special he thought.

He felt power flow through him and he raised his scythe in the air as his sythe burst off him. Revealing his bare chest below. His pants were in tatters and his chest was marked with scars. His wings flew open to full size. He laughed insanely.

"Hehehe...HeHeHe...HeHaHaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I feel it my angelic power! Oh Dark lords of my people grant me the power to crush this puny enemy to your thrones!" A black energy covered Mars body and he disappeared into the darkness. The shadows cleared and he was gone.

On a low rooftop directly above the others the shadows regrew and Mars was there in a flash.

"hahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! DIE ANGEL, DIE AND BURN, BURN AND DIE, FOR I FEAST ON YOU TONIGHT!" Mars flew up and charged at the angel he span and spun his scythe in an ark at the angel who faced him, laughing as he went.

He truly was one of the darkest of the dark angels.
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