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Originally Posted by Isom View Post
What happens if I decide to embrace my job as hunter? Does that take me down a different path than that of battling gym leaders?

I think that maybe the Pokemon hiding isn't such a great idea, seems like it would only allow for very few Pokemon to be in the game. Also, do you get the Pokemon from EVERY trainer you defeat? You'd surely run into some doubles, like two trainers having the same Pokemon because every trainer having different ones is a bit unlikely, right?

I really do like the story, I think it's original and very interesting. However, I think you need to work out some of the smaller things. It always help to be as prepared as possible going into making a game. I know from personal experience - I've tried and failed many times. I'm sure you're seeing this in a different way, and I'd love to see it like that, but I need more specifics.
Thanks for the response! First off, after you defeat the first gym leader, you don't fight any more trainers and take their pokemon. Instead, you are kind of stuck in between the hunter corps and the pokemon league. As the plot moves along, I will probably make it so that you slowly turn to the side of the league and defeat the gyms. I will probably make the normal amount of wild pokemon appear. Anyway, thanks for the advice!

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