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Updated Competitions

Weekly Pixel Contest [WPC] → Hosted by
Logiedan - Pixel Art related.

→ This is a weekly contest based around Pixel Art which relates to a different theme each week. There are also rules and omits which must be taken into account.

Tag of the Fortnight [TotF] → Hosted by Abnegation - Graphics and Photography related.

This is a competition which runs every fortnight. You must make a banner/tag/forum signature relating to the theme on hand and also follow the rules.

Draw me a... [DM] → Hosted by Anastasia.R - Art Gallery related.

→ This competition is all about drawing. You must draw a scene relating to the theme on hand and it runs monthly.

Additional Notation:

  • These contests were released several weeks/months before this post has been made but were only added to the main post on the 14th of October 2011.
  • The main post has been updated to resemble current standings in Competitions.



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