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Also, I would like to bring up the person who lovely gave me that post comment and said that what I said was "barely relevant". I would love for said person to post in this thread and say exactly why that why I said wasn't relevant, as, iirc, what I'm saying was completely relevant to the situation at hand now. In case that point didn't come across, I'll say it in this way:

The pessimism needs to stop. That was the point of my post. I'm not willing to be pessimistic, and if anyone else really wants to, that's their problem(and apparently the person that left me that same post comment, too). I, for one, will remain optimistic for the forum and continue to at least help out in whatever way I can, to have any hopes possible, in the hopes that CBC would at least become active again.

Go ahead. I would love for someone else to leave a post comment, and it would show how mature they are in not confronting me directly about this issue, and instead trying to feel big on the internet by leaving an irrelevant(yes I said it) post comment, instead.

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