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Even though I don't come on here often, I lurk the forum and felt like saying something.

In my eyes, while he wasn't necessarily a great part of S+M, DA was a big part of it. I specifically remember a great period of time where he was the only one who bothered to give out rates, even if they weren't exactly put in the nicest way, he was still trying to help.

I agree with Aero about the Tutoring Class I walked in on one day. It was basically one topic to the next, with about one person doing the main part and then about 5 other people just adding in random things, which wasn't a very efficient way to do it. If you were going to have one person be the main person doing the class, then it should have been only them talking.

Back back to what Aero was saying about Elf. To me him getting banned didn't signify the end of S+M/CBC/whatever you want to call it - it was in decline before that. But it did in a way. I don't really know how to explain it, but I'll try.

IIRC, a couple of weeks after his ban was when people started to get busy, school started up again, etc. and the people who were driving the reconstruction of CBC went with that. Anti and Wolf weren't able to get on for awhile they had, frankly, more important things going on in their lives than PC. And that's fine, real life should always come before a forum you post on on the internet, easily. But that isn't to say it didn't contribute to this huge drought of inactivity.

While the main people beyond the changes around here were gone, other people should have stepped up and done something about it instead of sit by and watch it fall into the state the forum is in now.

Like this for example:

This is a GREAT resource for the forum. It was posted 4 months ago and still isn't finished. Yeah, wolf got busy and all that, but all that needs to be done is getting rid of the extra lines on each CSS. And I know there are people who know CSS and could have easily done this at any time in the past 3 months. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but I'll just chalk it up to general laziness.

What Karp said is true. D_A was, for lack of a better word, a "symbol" of what S+M was. When sims, ABYAY, etc still posted here...what we are trying to get CBC back to. And whether you want to admit it or not, SM wouldn't have been the same without D_A, for better or for worse, regardless of your opinion of him.

But really this is what I think the biggest issue is with CBC. This forum still has a negative connotation around here and it will take a lot longer than you all assume to change it. Whether it was through our complete failure of a streak of DCC's that was essentially a giant trollfest, the sarcastic nature of the rates, often bordering on flat out mean and deflating, that caused people to not want to come in here, or whatever - it will take longer than you think to change the forum's opinion of CBC/S+M. And I just want to throw this out here too. It doesn't matter that we changed the name. I'd bet real money that people still view this forum as S+M, and still have a negative view of it given past experiences in here.

Frankly, this next part may get me banned on the server again or make nobody like me, but it's true. The biggest issue, hands down, with S+M/CBC was the mods. Nobody who was a mod seemed to care what happened in the forum, hence the trollfest of DCC's with mods actively taking part, often leading it the most, with everyone acting like DA's image about Sims was the greatest thing ever [when it wasn't even that funny, but that's not the point]. Stuff like that should absolutely NEVER be acceptable behavior from mods. And then on the server, when there was a rule about acting like a - to people, the mods openly did it, which signified to the members that it was fine.

And then it honestly was hard to take it seriously when the "nice initiative" was implemented when after a couple of weeks the mods, mainly DA, were doing the same stuff again. And that has to do with the mods not doing anything about the trolling, despite it being against the rules, ultimately leading to what happened with DA, and to a severely lesser extent, myself.

Black and White came out in the US in March. The first thread about changing S+M/CBC was in January/February. Frankly, it's been 8-9 months and the forum is in the same sad state it was back then.

Tl;dr I'm not summarizing it. Read it. It's important and has a lot of things in there that people won't say because they're scared of repercussions.