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started everything

Name: Tiffany Lockheart

Nickname: Tifa

Age: 16

Gender: Girl

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Personality: Tifa is cool, talented and kind. She is very passionate about pokemon. Tifa loves Fire pokemon the most cause they are most like her fiery spirit. Tifa Loves to travel and loves to chat, she is a awsome, cool flaring girl. Tifa always puts people before herself and loves to play and joke around allot. Tifa is easy to become friends with aswell.

History: When Tifa was little her Father and Mother had a huge argument, it made Tifa sad. Then her parents had a divorce and Tifa had to stay with her Dad. 3 years later Tifa was 10 and was on the bus to pokemon school, then after school she went home and heard that her Father was in the hospital cause he had a heart attack, the people said he got it out of sadness and regret, Tifa was really sad. It was already enough for there parents to split. The next day her Father died and and she had to stay with her Mother. Now Tifa moved to a new town in a region called Brainsife with her mother, they had a nice life in a cute village called Aurnirford.Then Tifa got her birthday present cause her dad couldn't get one, she went to Jane's house and got her pokemon, Vulpix. Ever since Tifa has loved Fire pokemon the most. Now Tifa is 16 and has decided to box all her strong pokemon and train her new Vulpix.

Pokémon Species: Vulpix
Level: 6


RP Sample:
RP sample from Pokemon: A New World, Ritz Malheur.


"Hey Ritz, can i ask you something?"asked Flora, "Sure whats up?"replied Ritz. A ugly old woman looked at Flora in a weird way, "Ugh, this if freaking me out." whispered Flora to Ritz. "You telling me, look who is standing behind me"said Ritz as she looked behind her and saw old men moaning like zombies. "This is zombie town, isn't it Flora?"whispered Ritz in Flora's ear. Ritz kept walking, she looked down at her feet to see the ground all black and bumpy with small rocks. "So what was that you were gona ask me?"asked Ritz as she turned her head to Flora and kept walking along with the others.

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