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Originally Posted by hinkage View Post

The layout is decent, though somewhat large.

The most jarring (relevant) issue for me is your use of the sidewalk and road tiles. Your road usage mostly makes sense, with the exception of the short "nub" of road near the center of the map, and the bent, zig-zagged road toward the north. Some of the road widths are inconsistent; for example, the road behind the PokeMart is thicker.

The sidewalk tiles are used in a rather odd fashion; they curve and wind around the road, and are wildly inconsistent in their angles and thickness. This is not something you'd see in an actual man-made town; human beings prefer order, and curvy and random sidewalks are not orderly. The fact that the roads they wrap around are mostly straight makes it all the more jarring, and overall it makes the map look somewhat random and half-thought-out.

On the plus side, your treeline is nice and natural-looking; not too straight, and not too far away from the man-made features of the map. The chunks of snow are a nice touch as well.

I know that this isn't the tile review thread, but I do think that your choice of tiles has a big impact on the map's appearance. The R/S/E buildings are drawn at a very different (and more poorly-simulated) perspective than the trees you are using. This makes the buildings look flat compared to other features on the map. The trees in the northwest corner seem to have bad palettes, and also have an inconsistent perspective. I like the grass and cliffs, though.
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