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I don't imagine the meta would change much, with SR. Flying-/Bug-/Fire-types obviously would become more viable and some of the dedicated leads like Deoxys-S and Crustle would probably fall in usage since Spikes & Toxic Spikes only can hit so much. Cool things like Eviolite Scyther might pop up.

All in all, it's just another metagame without SR. Some things would become better, other things would become worse. The same goes for removing any aspect of the game, including Pokemon, moves, items, etc. I do wish you'd stop referring to SR as a "noob" move, as it clearly has developed into a strong part of the metagame and clearly its usage leads to success. I'd refer to other things as "noob" moves, such as Hyper Beam/Blast Burn etc and things like 4 Water-type moves on one 'mon, etc. SR is a perfectly viable move and when you're discussing something, throwing around biased terms like that doesn't make me want to believe your argument any more than if you didn't use it. ;(