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Welcome to our newest member, Physco!!

Originally Posted by Kura
I kinda have a random hypothetical question for you guys..

What if you had like.. a really close friend. Like a BEST friend, that you told all your secrets to. This friend had known you for years and you had that sort of mutual love for each other. Like a brother/ sister.. someone you can rely on and that you could really trust.
What if you were being honest and came out to them.. and then they told you that they wanted to be honest and had a secret hatred for LGBT and the respective community? And they were unwilling to waiver that feeling- let's say they told you "My feelings on this are as strong as your feelings towards your sexuality."

What would you do?
I would end the friendship. It would be hard, absolutely, but the friendship would be forever changed by the revelation even if the friend managed not to let your sexuality get in the way of their feelings for you as a person. A person is not truly a friend if they don't accept every part of you, and if they are unwilling then there are people out there who will. Who needs a bigot? Nobody, they have no place in society.


For the gay guys in the group, I have some exciting (yet shallow) news! Zachary Quinto, aka Sylar from Heroes and Spock from the new Star Trek movies, has revealed that he is a gay man! You can read more about it here and immediately begin your fantasies!


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