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I've been lazy to keep an update, but here's one to fill in what you all missed. Not much happened though, since I haven't been playing White as much.

I had my second battle with Cheren --

Servine (LV 17) vs Tepig (LV 14)
- Growth → Ember
- Growth → Ember
- Growth → Defense Curl
- Tackle (CRIT!) _____
Servine obviously won this match.

- Leaf Tornado → ____
LV UP (18)!
Purrloin is the weakest Pokémon I don't even. :(

So afterward Plasma stole the little girl's Pokémon and I went on the mission to get it back within Wellspring Cave.
I forgot before ^ the above entry, I had my battle with Chili and another battle with Cheren at the trainer school. However I won both, and whilst I'd usually add em into this entry I won both easily and there was no real match to show.

I caught a Pidove on my way to the Nacrene and once I get back into playing the game, I'll try to keep an update. :G

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