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(Im ready to join! and also i hope i don't break the rules cause i cant do links )

started everything

Name: Sora Windfield

Nickname: No nickname plz

Age: 17

Gender: Boy, i don't know why i just feel like it.


Personality: Sora had a jolly, funny personality. Sora doesn't really joke around and kinda takes things seriously. He loves to help people and give them a smile. Sora is kind, caring boy, and he always puts other infront of himself especially to help loved ones.

History: When Sora was young he lived in a nice house with both his parents, in a town called lavender town. Sora had allot of friends there and lived a happy life. Then one day after coming back from Pokemon pre-school and found out his mother died in a car accident, Sora was really sad when she died, could things get any worse? When Sora turned 10 they had to move away from there house cause it was a Rent. So Sora and his Dad moved to a new region called Brainsife. He lived in a cute little village called Aurnirford, he had a beautiful front neighbor called Tifa which he fell in love with, they went to the same Pokemon school to. Now it was Sora's 10th birthday and he wanted a pokemon for a present, but his father wouldn't allow him to have one cause then he would spend less time around the house and he would miss him like he missed his wife. 7 years later Sora got a egg for his birthday present, a pokemon egg to be exact. Sora heard about Team hurricane and decided to come along with Tifa and other pokemon trainers to stop this team.

Pokémon Species: Mystery Egg
Moveset: ..... no move set yet.
Level: 0


RP Sample: RP Sample: Pokemon a new world as Aqua Black.

Before Lily could reply suddenly the doors slammed open again, revealing a messenger with a weird hat with baggy pants and a feather on the hat all dressed in red and green. "If anyone does that again the doors will break."said Aqua, the messenger breathed hardly. "I am- deeply sorry- your majesty."said the messenger Potho (pronounced Pow-thow) "What is it?"asked Aqua. "The boy, Draco- his room mate- died."replied the messenger. "How?"asked Aqua. "He was asleep and Bob and Draco was playing a game of a kind and he got a heart stroke."replied Potho. "Escort me to him."replied Aqua, "We will carry on later Lily, for now go to your dorm and take a rest, thank you."replied Aqua as she went out the door and walked towards the dorm with Potho and some guards.

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