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Thanks big bro! I'll make my SU now. C'mon, I said I'd join I don't break my promises

Password: Question: “What was the third and tenth word in the Plot?”
Answer: started, and everything.

Name: Emma Violet Robbinson

Nickname: Em, Emmy, Vie, Robbin, and Robby.

Age: 16

Gender: Female


Personality: Emma is a very sweet girl. She will do anything to protect her friends and family. She is very cautious and weary whenever she meets someone mysterious or impolite. But she is open to anyone who is kind. Emma has a British accent and loves to study the coltures and ways of many different places. Emma has a passion for Pokemon and Pokemon battles. Emma will never back down from a battle. Emma is a little mysterious, though. She might disapear at times because of her training. Emma is a huge joker. She loves to make people happy by making them laugh. Emma knows karate and is into gymnastics. Emma is very courageous and adventureous. Emma is always curious about everything, but she knows when to let something go. She is also very inteligent, and a great encourager.

History: Emma was born in Pallet Town, Kanto with her mother and father. Emma grew up in a peaceful place until her father was threatened when she was ten. Her father was beaten and taken away by a group of people. They threatened to kill Emma and Emma's mother. Her father agreed to work with them, and was sperated from Emma. Her father now helps them with their evil plans. Emma never felt the same again. Emma had an urge to get revenge. But the urge grew farther from her as she grew up. She knew if she tried to go after her father unprepared, her father would not continue to live.

When Emma was thirteen, she discovered her mother was apart of a secret agency. Emma had snuck onto a plane when her mother was being transfered to investigate something. Emma's mother parashooted out of the plane. Emma did the same. It was the first time she'd ever parashooted out of a plane. But her mother found Emma sneaking around. Emma was told to go home, but of course, she didn't. Emma had snuck of the plane to her home and helped her mother. Emma was the one who saved her mother. Emma has been training with her mother ever since.

Emma has now moved to a new region, eager to solve the mystery of her father. Emma has seen signs of a strange group called 'Team Hurricane.' Emma has decided to tag along with other pokemon trainers and get her first Pokemon to try and stop this team.

Pokémon Species: Snivy
Moveset: Pound.
Level: 5.

RP Sample:
"You worry to much. Just keep cool and try to keep in the temptation." Ritz said.

A man came over and bumped Ritz. She then lost her temper. Bailey laughed as it all took place.

"Take that punk!" Ritz shouted as the man ran away in pain.

Ritz turned back to Bailey. Bailey sheilded herself as a joke.

"So as I was saying, just keep in your temper, 'kay?" Ritz said.

"You mean like you did?" Flora joked.

"Yeah, you really made an impresion on that guy." Bailey said, laughing.

"Uh, no not really, do the opposite. 'Kay?"

Then the king came out and appeared in fropnt of everyone with a girl by his side.

"Look! It's that guy from earlier!" Bailey whispered.

Then a bell rang. Bailey couldn't feel the breeze of the wind on her anymore. She looked around. Everything was frozen. Bailey then froze in shock.

"Uh... Guys? What's going on?" Bailey asked.

Silence. Then the legendary Pokemon appeared. It was Dialga. Bailey froze in shock again. Dialga roared. Bailey could see her life as a child before her. Then Dialga just disappeared...

"Wow," Ritz said. "Did you see that guys?"

"I most certainly did." April said.

"See it? I heard it, felt it, saw it, and lived it." Bailey said.

Time returned to normal. Bailey waited for [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]the [COLOR=blue !important]King[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] to make some sort of speach. But the girl beside him did.

"Attention, people of The Black Kingdom. I anounce the opening of... The Annual Kuhziji!" The girl said as everyone cheered and shouted. "Please make your way to the eating area."

Bailey clapped her hands and shouted casually so that they would blend in. Bailey then followed everyone to wherever they were going.

"Let's go..." Bailey said, still in shock.

-Taken From: Pokemon: A New World.


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