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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
I would end the friendship. It would be hard, absolutely, but the friendship would be forever changed by the revelation even if the friend managed not to let your sexuality get in the way of their feelings for you as a person. Who needs a bigot? Nobody, they have no place in society.
Who says they're a "bigot?" If they never verbally express their views nor show any physical hatred or actions of discrimination towards the Gay Community then it's just simply a strong belief. I said that the hypothetical friend had a SECRET hate for LGBT, but that doesn't mean they would hate you as a person, or your choice to come out. What if all they hated was the over-sexualization of it all because of personal beliefs? For example, the whole "HEY MAN-NIPPLE BANNER! A hot celeb is available!" that you did?
Would you be willing to cut that out when you're around them, or do you still hold true the "I am myself and no one's going to restrict me. They should love all of me" view and drop them?

I dunno.. I just feel that there's too much hate going on. Just because they're not in the whole LGBT thing doesn't mean that LGBT's should hate them and call them names for not supporting them. Especially if those said people never did anything to harm the LGBT community- and it's just personal views that wouldn't get voiced.

Those are my thoughts, you're free to disagree.
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