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Miharu tensed, suddenly waking up. She felt for her knife under her bed, feeling that the room was off. When she opened her eyes, she glanced around and finally she remembered that she was now in the population games. How strange, the fact that she had been randomly sent here. She knew that she had pretty much been condemned to death, but she would fight. And if she was going to die, at least take someone out with her.

Miharu shifted, her bare feet touching the ground quietly as she got up from her bed. She pulled off her pajamas and put her regular clothes back on, hiding her knives and senbons, before putting her katana on her back. Today was a training day if she remembered correctly. She would have to make sure to only show a third of her strength in order to get people to underestimate her.

She stepped outside the door and into the hallway. It seemed fairly quiet, although people should have been awake by now. They could have been down in the dining hall around, or having their own little misadventures. However, Miharu knew that it would probably be best for her to head to the dining hall if no one was there in order to be a..."surprise".

Miharu walked to the elevator and waited for it to come. When it came, it was empty(1). She walked inside and pressed the floor in which the dining room was in. When she stepped out, she walked through a hallway before arriving at the dining room. It seemed almost empty, even though the dining hall was huge.

She sat down and grabbed some of the fruits that were at the table. She started eating quite calmly, ignoring the others that were there. However, when a "servant" tapped her on the shoulder, she stopped.

"Um, Miss?" questioned one of the "servants". "The training ground is a mile away from here and you need to be there soon."

Miharu glanced at her barely eaten breakfast and nodded. "Sorry that I made you have to clean up more."

The "servant" shook her head. "No, it is quite alright. You should hurry before you're late."

Miharu nodded, standing up. She half bowed to the "servant" who bowed back in slight shock before leaving. If she jogged, she would be there in about twelve minutes.
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