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Akira should have been angered at the remark, but he let it slide, he knew that eventually if this girl continued to be snarky, then karma would kick in and she would get what was coming to her. Yeah, even to himself, Akira sounded hypocritical, but he knew where to draw the line. He would rather kill himself than kiss the ass of this little girl. He didn’t even have the patience to read the first book of Twilight, the writing was absolutely shocking and all it ended up being was a giant novel about teen angst and how important it is to have a boyfriend.

To his amazement, this vamp girl continued to get snarky to Natruo, did she want a death sentence? He thought to himself. Even Akira was smart enough to not to mess with a God. It didn’t last too long though. He watched, first in excitement as Natruo began tear the girl down, but later in horror as he grabbed her like a little rag doll, slamming her against the outside wall. Akira stood stunned, sure the girl deserved this for getting snarky to him, but this soon all seemed a bit out of control to Akira and things were rapidly turning for the worse. Something inside of Akira moved and his entire mind set shifted from being sarcastic and amused, to outright horrified. The longer Natruo held her there, the more Akira began to feel uncomfortable in the Gods’ presence and more worried about the vamp girl. Yeah, she may have been snarky to Akira in retaliation, but the fact that Natruo was going this far stirred Akira; what he had done now seemed to be way out of line and a bit extreme. And for the time being, Akira forgot the fact that this vampire was a verbal adversary, instead focusing on the facts at hand; Natruo was injuring nothing but a little girl. Snapping out of shock, he walked over as Natruo let the girl slide to the ground, and stood between Natruo and the cowling vamp girl with wings fully extended.

“I respect you Natruo, but what you have just done is disgusting. Sure, this little vamp girl was running her mouth at you, but to throw her against the wall? Man, you are sick.” Akira was now incredibly angry at Natruo for harming a female, he was holding himself back out of fear for what the God would do if he let himself get overwhelmed by his emotions.

Akira turned to see the girl fumbling around her stomach for a wound that wasn’t there which puzzled Akira, most likely it would have been her back that hurt. “I would advise not to mouth off to Gods, it was a very stupid idea.” He spoke in a condescending tone.

Akira turned back to the God whom he assumed was not too pleased about Akira’s sudden act of interference, “Now, could we head to the training room please, Natruo-sama?” he asked politely, still fearful of what the God could do to him. Akira’s heart beat a hundred beats a minute as he waited for the God’s response; the other new participants standing there gawking at the scene that had unfolded. “You coming or not?” he asked sarcastically.
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