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Quote originally posted by PelipperMail:

I feel you, brother. Black and White just seem very... one-dimensional, and there is very little to do post-game. The plot is very basic, and it cannot be played more than once. It's almost a massive tutorial.

I also play SS when I want to get my PokéFix, not only because of the easy one-handed playing, great graphics, awesome region, and fantastic music, but ALL of my Pokémon follow me. Isn't that simply the best feature GF has ever implemented into a Pokémon game?

Yeah, the follow me feature has to be one of my favorites. It's pretty cool to be able to walk and interact with your pokemon. The only thing I can think of right this second that can make it even better would be the ability to ride a pokemon instead of a bike because I'm just itching for a chance to use my shiny Rapidash as a mount. I know it's a bit unlikely but a guy can dream right?


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