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Nai looked up,briefly confused. Piku had been trying to help Nai understand his dreams again. This one had been about shooting stars. Nai was terrible at dream interpretation, particularly his own. But Piku was a genius so he naturally understood! So when the girl had started talking to him, Nai had just stared at her, baffled. Then it clicked and he looked guilty.

"I'm sorry Dusk," he said softly. "Nai just got really excited. Piku is important to Nai and Piku gets-um, what's it called-separation anxiety. So Nai has to be careful, cause he can take it out on people like you. Nai is very sorry."

Piku scowled and said nothing, glaring at the white-haired human. He cursed at her, causing Nai to clamp a hand over the mouse's mouth. "Bad Piku," he said, looking at the other trainer. Granted she didn't seem like a good person but it wasn't polite to be so rude. "And nai is sorry," he told the girl. "But you're being mean. People make mistakes. You don't have to yell."

Piku snorted. "First mistake was letting this albino brat live past infancy."

"Piku..." Simon had corrupted his Pikachu! He was going to yell at him! Yes he would. Heroes were not supposed to be so mean!
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