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Professor Birch looked around the lab. He saw that the mentors were eagerly awaiting the news. Professor Birch counted each one, and realized: everyone was accounted for. He put on a smile and clapped his hands, looking for everyone's undivided attention. The room was then quiet, as he then stood at the far end of the lab, getting ready to address the mentors.

"Ah, good, looks like everyone is here!" the professor began, as he put on a smile, but then had a more serious tone. "Everyone, heed closely to what I'm about to tell you."

Professor Birch then turned off all the lights in his lab, and then quickly turned on the nearby projector, as the projector then showed images of creatures. They didn't look all that pleasant. "As you might or not know, the Darigans are a group of half human, half Pokemon, that are in need of one thing...power." Birch then clicked his projector slide, as he then showed another image. It was an image of small buildings; all scattered throughout the Hoenn region. "They also have their laboratories, in order to extract this power. But you might be asking: how do they do it? Through the process of experimentation on both humans, and Pokemon. Afterwords, the energy extracted from humans and Pokemon are put into a solid form of a more concentrated for of energy. Why do they want this power? That is unknown."

He then turned off the projector, and turned on all the lights once again, turning once more to the mentors. "This is the reason why Steven, the current champion, created the mentor program: to protect the young trainers that are beginning to set off in their journey. Also, you guys, if you can, I want you all to investigate the reasons of the Darigans behavior. For what ever their plan can't be good. So, in short, I want you all to investigate these...labs and camps of theirs, and help the captured humans and Pokemon that are captive. Is that okay?"

Then Birch gave another smile. "But I digress," he said. "This is a mentor program! And, I think it's about time you all meet the trainers which you will be mentoring! So! Have fun, and...try not to kill each other, okay? Kaylee? KAYLEE?! KAY--"

"I'm heeeeeeeere!" a girl called out, as she burst in the back door of the lab. She had a black dress and was a brunette. She also had a golden yellow hair band, which her orange shoes matched. "Sorry I'm late! I ran into a bit of trouble while we were away! You see, we were at home, gathering our things, when all of a sudden the dresser came to life and tried to eat us! It wasn’t easy, but Amer and I managed to prevent it from munching on me with its nasty coat hanger teeth! Then, out of nowhere, a Hydreigon came crashing through my window, and Amer and I had to fend it off with squirtguns! You really should have been there!"

"Do you honestly expect me to believe--" Birch started to say, but then stopped since he realized that this conversations wasn't going to go anywhere. He then sighed, and put on a more defeated tone. "...No matter. Kaylee, show the trainers in here, if you please?"

"NO PROBLEMO-KABAMOOOOOO!" Kaylee cheered as she jogged through the lab, and opened the back yard door. There, she saw some of the trainers awaiting with some pokemon. She greeted them all with a smile. "Sorry to keep you waiting kids! ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FUUUUUN IN THE SUUUUN? THEN STEP RIGHT IN! YOU'RE ON THE PRICE IS RIGHT! Well, not really, since this is Birch's lab, and he'd kill me if I turned his lab into a live game show, but COME ON IN ANYWAY!"

Meanwhile, Professor birch took out a folded piece of paper. He unfolded it, revealing the paper to be some sort of note for him to remember at this time. "Alright guys, listen up for your pairs," Birch explained. "
Miharu...was it? You're going to be paired with someone named Jennifer. Erm, she may be a bit...eritable, but just bear with her. She's a hard worker. Okay... Jackie? You're going to be paired with a trainer named Seria Clover. She's a bit shy, but she's nice. Erik? You're going to be paired with Jack Spark, and boy is he energetic! Let me see... Jayvn, you're with someone named Nai. I'd call him weird, but hey, that's my opinion! And um, finally, Rowenda...was it? You're going to be paired with Jeffery Anderson. Okay? Don't get lost now, haha."

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