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I think thinking 6 days and writing 1 hour was a bad idea. Anyways, this is my "masterpiece". *avoids tomatoes*

Name: George McCollum

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Hume

Job: Paladin/White Mage

Side: Gully

Appearance: George's appearance is quite different than other Paladins. He wears a Platinum Helm instead and has a Platinum Mail on top of his coat. He has a sword he calls "Baptism" which is actually "Save the Queen". A name, Lucas McCollum, is engraved on the sword. George has a shield on his left hand. He also has a healing staff just in case somebody needs healing.

George is 5'8 feet tall. His skin is tanned white, his eyes are stormy gray. His hair is spiky short and blonde. He has a scar on his arm because of an accident during his sparring practice with his clan mates.

History: George’s story starts 20 years before FFTA3. In the outskirts a peaceful town of Camoa, a man with a white coat and hood was talking with 2 other people like him. Their faces were grim and full of weariness. The man was tanned white with brown hair and gray eyes. His companion, a woman, was bleached white with long blonde hair and icy blue eyes. The other person had brown hair and a scar across his eye. Soon, the fourth person came, breathing heavily and holding a bag full of potions and phoenix downs. He had red eyes full of regret and anger. His hands were red, probably soaked with blood. The man impatiently hit the stone floor with his staff and began screaming at the latecomer. It seemed like time had stopped when his first word came out. The man then turned and walked away from his companions. The other three nodded to each other and followed the angry man. The gentle sound of a wind. Trees bending towards the mountains. So peaceful. But would peace be with 4 fugitives, who were running away from everybody just because they had an important artifact of ancient times and killed a man because of it?

The 4 were being chased by different clans and were wanted in public. 3 years they were chased and the guilds never gave up searching for them. Not until they found the quartet in Baptiste Hill.

The 4 were going through the boulder passage. They didn’t want to be detected by other travelers, so they decided to go through the mountain passage to get to Zedlei forest, where they could try to hide themselves and finally have a rest there. That was their plan. Until it was crumbled into pieces. A man was leading the group, a woman with a baby in her hands following close by. The second man was behind them, but the third one was nowhere to be seen, probably scouting ahead for dangers and ambushes. The rocky path was hard and tiring, but the fugitives didn’t care about it. Raindrops were pouring down, hardening the path even more. They wanted to get rid of the artifact. No other person should suffer because of this thing. The man slowly took his bag and opened it. He took a pile of towels and slowly opened. There right in front of him was a black tiger. Its pelt was grayish black, its striped were black like darkness. The man remembered how he had to kill the man. He was innocent. He had nothing to do with this. But he died. Just because of—

Then suddenly an ear-piercing cry came. A man was tumbling down the passage. He was wearing an identical white coat and a hood. Then he fell right in front of the group. “Jason!” – the leader of the group cried after shoving the artifact back to his bag - “No…”. The man took off his hood and threw his coat. There stood a Paladin, his holy armor dirty and worn out, but shining. On one hand he held a crystal sword and on his other hand was a bright shield. “Jason… Let me ease your pain a bit.” Suddenly the man’s hands started to glow. He breathed in deeply. Then, a ray of light came from his sword and went inside the body of the weathered man. A second of silence passed, and Jason opened his eyes. “Hey, brother. Glad you helped me.” He stood up, taking out a staff.

“A group of men, wearing masks and black outfits ambushed me. They’re gonna get you soon enough. We should run, brother. We won’t be able to beat them.” Then at the other side of the road came out 5 people with masks and ninja-like outfits. They all had sharp katanas, ready to slice the travelers. “They’re going to pay for this. For Ivalice!” And the man charged at the men. No movement came from the man’s enemies. When the distance was about 5 feet between them, then they suddenly disappeared, confusing the man. “Chris, roll away from there!” – came out the cry from behind. The man rolled just in time to see hundreds of blades falling at the place he should have been. “Close call. Nadia! Get out of here! Take others with you and don’t come back.”

“NO! Don’t leave me! We still have to name the baby-“
“Stop! The baby’s useless if you won’t survive!” – Chris said. He knew that he will have to stall some time for others to run away. Then he added: “They’re after me. Don’t worry. I’ll come back.” Then the man held up his shield, guarding himself from a blade.
“Wait, brother! Let me-“ – Jason’s yell was interrupted by a gunshot. He stopped, then suddenly fell face first into the mud. Blood was tickling from his chest. The man dropped his staff, which rolled away from him until it felt into the crevice far in the right.
“Jason! They’ll die today. By my sword!” Chris dashed forward with anger, unaware of a moogle standing right up on the peak of the riff, aiming for Chris’s chest. Then a gunshot sounded again. The bulled passed fast through the rain and dug into the Paladin’s arm. Chris staggered from the blow. He felt a tremendous amount of pain on his arm. He turned around, staring at Nadia’s cold eyes. Then he muttered: “By the way… Name our baby George… Now, go.” Then he took his bag pack and threw into the crevice. Then he rushed forward into the growing mist and was never seen again.

Nadia returned to Camoa safely with Blake, the other paladin. There she separated with Blake, who insisted on staying with her, but agreed after being convinced by Nadia to leave her alone in peace. After that, she went further deeper into the woods until she collapsed because of lack of sleep and hunger. Fortunately, a couple of Humes found her and took her in with the baby. 3 days later, mysteriously, Nadia disappeared, but left some armor, a sword, a staff and a letter, telling them to keep George with them. The letter also asked them to raise him into a Holy Paladin and never let him fall into the hands of evil. They raised the child as their own for 10 years until they heard of a newly formed legendary Clan Gully. They took the child and asked one of the members to take him in. After some convincing, the Clan finally took him in. The young George studied basic arts of healing and fighting from the clan members and soon knew how to cure and how to handle a sword. Now, he was a Paladin, ready to back his clan mates up and do good deeds for residents of Ivalice. He wanted to make a better life for others. He wanted to stop Nex Malum and it’s evil plans.

Personality: George is a peace-loving human. He wants to achieve peace for the sake of others. He doesn’t like fighting, but for his “ultimate” goal, he would fight and help his clan mates whenever they nee help. Also, George likes to whack his clan mates’ heads with his staff whenever he thinks he needs to put them back into sense. George likes jokes, but doesn’t like it when somebody pulls pranks at others.

George likes working in groups and hates working on his own. He likes company and friends. But sometimes, he can become a little bit rude when he’s angered. George is also quite confident in himself. He’s optimistic and never loses hope in danger. But sometimes he can be a coward if he’s fighting alone.

Likes: Jokes, groups, backing up, hitting everybody with his staff, learning more white magic
Dislikes: Pranks, ambushes, solo works, lamb meat, raisins


Other: I'm not sure if Game Over1375, Xilfer123 accepted my choice of something. P.S. I don't know if I'll be accepted to this RP. So, I'm wondering if you agreed on letting my character be a... You know what.

My history is horrible. Tell me if I need to edit some parts.

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