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(OOC: I is tired of waiting for Deep Impact.)

Jen was leaning against the fence, totally ignoring everyone around her. Some new people had arrived. She laughed a little bit as the Riolu drop kicked some poor guy. It was funny. Anyways, she hoped they would let her leave soon. She wanted to get back out on the road. She had spent too much time here anyways. Dusk had finally calmed down somewhat. She glared at the boy that had tried to steal him right out of her arms. Dusk looked at him and whimpered.

"Shh... It's alright... I won't let anyone hurt you... I won't let anyone take you away..." Jen whispered lovingly to him. This was a side of her that never showed to anyone except for Dusk. Everyone else got her cold, sarcastic, violent nature. Or worse, her more murderous aspect. Then some idiot came out and yelled at them to come inside.

"Ugh! Finally!" Jen said as she turned and walked inside, glaring at the idiot that had hollared at them all. There was no need to be so damn hyper. Between her and Nai and the boy she had popped, she was sure that she would not be able to make it here without killing someone, cameras or no.

"Well, Birch, what now?" she asked defiantly as she walked back into the lab.
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