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Originally Posted by LarzI View Post
Really need a solution for this
Did you beat the 2nd league for the 2nd time as I suggested?

Originally Posted by vasilis View Post
ok can i ask a question .will there is going to be a patch for the rom to fix the rem.. bugs
Once I find enough time to do it =D

Originally Posted by N.P View Post
Excuse me. :-s
How can I destroy the huge rocks at the route 509 (Kosaka city) ?. :-s
I'm playing the final english version.
According to the Wesley's link, the Focus Punch could destroy kind of that rock & I'll received that move when I defeated Merydian Gym Leader.
But I've been received that move from a Black Belt in Central City. :-??
Yes, some TMs are in more versions =D

Originally Posted by JOSH1996 View Post
how do i fix the white screen wen i start the rom?
Download new ROM and patch anew.
ROM hacking FAQ - Read before asking how to play a hack.

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