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"I don't need you to tell me, Vaporeon... I know he hasn't came in yet."

Jayvn watched as each of the trainers seemed to anxiously trot in, but he noticed that the "quiet one" he assumed was his trainee was not to be seen. The boy had been playing with his Pikachu in the yard, and Jayvn thought he might of spotted him talking to a Zigzagoon. He wasn't sure. Professor Birch surely wouldn't mind if Jayvn went and retrieved his trainer, would he? I mean, it wasn't all that big of a deal... Right? Jayvn was going to have to get the boy in here some how. Might as well go ahead and get after him in advance. Not that Jayvn enjoyed having to go after the boy... He feared it might make him look a bit pushy. That was the last thing he needed, especially if this boy was a so-called quiet one... Jayvn would surely scare him off then.

"Professor Birch, excuse me for a moment..."

The square-bodied professor gave Jayvn a quick nod, and Jayvn stepped out of the door the trainers had just came in, and past the peppy girl.

"Hey there, kid! Nai is it?"

Jayvn gave a quick bow to the boy, spotting him almost instantly. As he bowed, Vaporeon leaped from his shoulders, spinning like a whirlpool in air before landing on his hind legs close to Nai and giving him a small wink. As Jayvn assumed his upright position, he pulled two intricately designed pokeballs from his vest pocket. Jayvn's eye took on a glint of cheer, and he threw the Fast Ball and Quick Ball high into the air, the pokeballs hitting on another and bouncing off wildly. Just as they hit, the two pokemon erupted out in a flash, Jolteon from the Fast Ball and Glaceon from the Quick Ball. They landed tactfully beside Vaporeon, assuming their own positions and watching the boy named Nai closely.

"Nai, I would like for you to meet my Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Glaceon."

Jayvn grinned.

"Oh! And my name is Jayvn... Jayvn Gi. I know it's a bit late to say now, but I am going to be your mentor. It is my truest pleasure to meet you."

Jayvn kneeled, picking up the pokeballs and returning them to the pocket beside Vaporeon's Net Ball. As he did, it was then that his eyes fell on the Pikachu and the Zigzagoon. As much as he was tempted to reach a hand out to both, and to "pet" them, he did not. If either one were anything like his Jolteon had been early on with strangers, they would not react well. Instead he offered them a smile as well, climbing up from his knees and walking the short walk back over to his pokemon. He hoped that he hadn't scared the poor boy, or the other pokemon, but only time would tell.

"What do you say we go back inside with the others? Professor Birch would probably prefer it that way, since he's about to send us all out "into the world" together."
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