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As soon as the Zorua climbed into Jack's arms, the girl with the other Zorua got mad at him for pulling her Zorua, and immediately punched him in the face. Jack stumbled backwards, e was able to maintain his balance and not fall, but he was quite dazed and surprised by this. This was the first time he had been punched, and he couldn't hit a girl, it would look bad to the Professor and his Mentor.

"If... You EVER!... Touch Dusk again I WILL make sure you are incapable of grabbing anything ever again! And keep your worthless apology to yourself! I don't care to hear it!"

"Ugh, you stupid girl... I don't even care about your stupid Dusk! All he can do is pee himself anyways!" Jack yelled, as the girl walked away. His own Zorua had fallen from his arms, and was sitting down on the ground, looking at him with a confused look, his head slightly tilted. Jack rubbed his face, trying to soothe the pain, and when his Zorua saw he was in pain, he immediately turned around and started to growl at the girl.

"Leave it, Kytes. She's not worth it." Jack said, not with his full energy he usually had. He had just named his Zorua Kytes, and felt quite proud about the nickname, no matter how stupid it sounded. It was his Pokemon after all, and he wouldn't give a damn about other's opinions anyways. He picked Kytes up in his arms, and walked around a bit, waiting for his Mentor to finally meet him. He petted Kytes, and each time he saw the stupid girl who had punched him, he gave her a glare.

Finally, get got sick of waiting for the Mentor's to come out, so he just decided to enter to lab. He started running towards it, and opened the doors, yelling, "Hello Mentors! Jack Spark here, ready to receive your-" Suddenly, the most disgusting smell he had ever smelled entered his nostrils, and at the top of his voice, in a high pitched tone he yelled, "HOLY MOTHER OF ARCEUS WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SMELL?!"

Jack immediately ran out of the lab, with a face that would make people think he was about to puke (which he probably was). He lay down on the ground, panting hard, taking in deep breaths of clean, fresh, air. Of course, he was probably overreacting, but Jack was one who always overreacted.
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