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Chapter 3.5 - Bernkastel Vermillia - Demon District

“Good morning, Bernkastel.” His tone matched mine right tothe period at the end; monotone, and as blank as a piece of paper. He remindedme so much of myself, actually. The voice and he didn’t seem like too much of aspeaker. Though he came out as almost sullen, that wasn’t the case. He waskind, but he kept to himself too much to show it. He always had a glint in hiseyes like he was in deep thought over something… Surely he was good at magic.Then again, we were also different. He grew up in a small house away fromeveryone; without knowing the comfort of either of his parents. He lived alone.Me? I was well off even before my participations in the Population Games. I hadbasically everything that everyone wanted. Even outside the Demon District. Everyvictor got a piece of land in the God’s District. Treated like celebrities,they were. Grand mansions and servants to cater to your every need…

I found myself following him back to the table; watching the servants fix the glass door easily with the flick of their fingers. They may be ‘just servants’to some, but they were powerful; powerful because they had to train in magic todo their tasks for that day. Have you ever seen a servant slow down time to fix a falling vase back into place? I have. It was really quite extraordinary. If even a handful of servants rebelled against the Gods alongside all the other districts, we would win. It was just that simple. Servants were common-base these days. Everyone in the God’s Realm had at least one. Their population just might well exceed the number of humans left. After the whole bombings and changes, the population of that particular species had dropped like nothing before. A million maybe lived now out of a previous four billion. As for the other species, there hadn’t been too many to begin with; especially in the sense of the vampires. Hunted down and killed thanks to human folklore about them all being evil, blood-sucking monsters. Demons weren’t hunted because they simply frightened the humans. So they instead shunned them out from everyone and everything. Angels got plenty of privileges. They were given offers and prayers.Food and housing for hardly a dime. Quite unfair, in my eyes.

And the Population Games were going to be so extremely cruel this year. You would think a few teenagers dying in the games wouldn’t do too much to thepopulation, but it did. Women were extremely hesitant to have children. Theworry of having your thirteen-year-old killed on live television exceeded theneed to hold a baby tight against their chest. Fewer children meant thatwhoever was left had a higher chance of participation. Fewer women to havechildren, and even then, anyone close to those certain teens would commitsuicide. The God’s were doing almost too well of a job. But that wasn’t all.

“I require that you train, so that counts… Sounds nice,though.”

Finishing off my peach and cleaning off my hands, I looked at Xavier. Histranslation of my eyes now would be something along the lines of ‘intense’ and ‘serious’.

“You need to convince the vampires that you’re worth taking under their… Wings.” Okay fine. Vampires don’t have wings, but you get the point. “I already know you’re worth so, but they don’t. I have an alliance withthree of them already. What I need, is for them to ask you instead of me having to ask them. You need to participate in training today. Because tomorrow,nobody will get the chance."
"Your plans will fail, my sweet lady. And when they do, your stories will be nothing but lies, your rebellion will be in vain, and war will rage for years until you are but a speck of dust." - Noh
"The lies of your world will be exposed. My rebellion will rein over your realm, and no longer will this time be plagued by war." - ???
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