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"Mayb-" I was about to reply to Mammon about the matter of annoying Ryuu, when speak of the devil, the demon started charging at one of the vampires... Kerin I think, like he was some kind of log. I looked around, and saw that Ryuu had already knocked down a number of trees, and they did not look very good, seeing as their trunks were splintered and broken every kind of way. I almost felt sorry for them, but he obviously took no pity, on anyone or anything because to him, all that mattered was his ability to fight. He was a bloodthirsty warrior no doubt, but he lacked the ability to restrain himself, even challenging a god, which I imagined didn't go too well. Now, since he was out of trees and such to smash, he had begun charging at the two innocent vampires, apparently really believing that they were just plain logs.

It didn't matter really, who Ryuu was attacking, or why he was attacking him, he had just given me a reason to attack. Moving with swift precision, I positioned myself in front of Kerin and planted my feet firmly on the ground, readying myself for the charge of the bull. I imagined that it would feel as if 10 trains were plowing into me from the same direction at the same time... could be worse. My brain felt differently, and so instead of going with my irrational plan of taking that hit, I decided to aim a steel plated kick to his head and see what that did to that hard head, maybe knock some sense into it. At the speed he was going, it would probably feel like running into a steel wall.-
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