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Now i dont know if this is the right place to post this, but I didnt see anywhere else.
I was just wondering how to do all those fancy profile designs? I want to post a video above my profile, like miakalinas, but it wont let me because it keeps saying invalid file if i try to put it as my profile picture, and there seems to be no where else to put it.
also, I realize some people have pictures as their back ground. again, I tried formatting a picture to be big enough to cover a background but it makes it small when i put it as my profile picture, and theres no where to put it in the color customization page.
Please help, and if it helps, heres the video i want to post above my profile:
Oh yeah, and if you think this should go somewhere else and want to delete it, could you please notify me first? Just cause i want time to copy paste it, it took a while to write

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