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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
Supporter means you donated to PC. Mod, Super Mod, and any of the Admins are all staff of PC. If you want the perks such as background image and such, you have to either be staff (not as easy as it sounds), donate money, or have someone else donate on your behalf.
Originally Posted by Rider542 View Post
ok well, what is a staff member?
There are pc supporter, mods, and super mods, but im not really sure what each of them means...
To go into more detail on the staff side, moderators control one section, or two (except for Sydian who has like five), depending what they're allocated to moderate. Moderator basic functions include moving threads, locking threads, deleting posts, approving threads, dealing with reports, disabling signatures, giving infractions (and banning) and optional, giving out emblems, as well as coming up with new ideas to improve their sections from time to time.

Super Moderators are the ones who control all of the forum (plus everything else listed for mods), are able to vote in HQ, and deal with the reports of the forums that don't have moderators (including dealing with visitor message reports, private message reports and adbots of any forum), or have moderators that are inactive for a short time period (or even moderators offline, depending on the urgency).

Assistant admins have basic admincp control (except one) and can also vote in HQ, all the moderator/smod functions and have more say over things than smods and mods. Staff Admins have a lot more acccess in terms of the admincp, can vote, can do all that mods do and are basically next in command under the admin Rukario. Rukario deals with all the technical things, can do all of what everyone else listed can, and pays to keep PC running each month.