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Ohai thar. Lookie what I got.
Physical/special split for Emerald, complete with move changes. Please ignore the changed Ralts family sprites, as I was silly and forgot to use a completely fresh ROM for the edits, ahurrhurr.
EDIT: Oh ffs. Special attacks work fine, but physical attacks are counted as status attacks, and do pathetic damage. I know I set physical attacks to 00 like I was supposed to... Didn't someone else have this problem?
EDIT2: I patched the engine by itself (as in, not my changed one) into a perfectly fresh rom (meaning all attacks are considered physical, or should be) and everything does absolutely pathetic damage. I think it's an issue with the patch. And of course, neither of the people who would know what's going on- JJames or Darthatron- are anywhere to be found, because it'd be helpful if they could be contacted, therefore it can't happen.

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