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Dear Anonymous,

You are amazing. Not only have you become like family to me, but you've most probably, if not definitely my best friend online. Every conversation we've ever have had basically been a blast, and I don't think I've ever gotten truly upset at you, a feat that's pretty hard to accomplish considering how often we talk tbqh! Continue being awesome, and I do hope that I'll be seeing you in the Summer!


Dear Anonymous,

Why is it that every single time I see you in the cafe you talk about the same damn thing? Why can't you get the hint that I do not care about this guy that you keep on going on about, and what he's been doing and what you're doing to so and whatever other nonsense you speak of? It's well... bothersome. I'm seriously considering hiding in the Library this Friday so you don't speak about how 'well' whatever you were speaking of (I forget) last Friday to me. Just... figure out something else to talk about. Ask me about my interests, or something! Just... stop talking about this guy whenever you speak to me.

Also, the band I was in and the band you were in were different, so some of this 'you understand because you're a band kid' doesn't exactly bode well tbqh. Like what you said last week... whatever it was.
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