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Thanks. I wasn't planning to continue posting this story on this site anymore due to lack of interest, but since there is apparently interest, here's chapter 3:

Chapter Three: Octavianus
Boreas awoke in the open air and, after a moment of disorientation, the bitter memories of the previous night hit him like an anvil of sadness. He tried to go back to the blissful unconsciousness of sleep, but now his sadness, the Sun's light, and his hunger kept him awake. He smelt a delicious odour and tried to ignore it, as he didn't want to ever eat again in his grief. His stomach, however, had different plans and was rumbling loudly. Eventually, he couldn't help submitting to his hunger, so he opened his eyes and slowly got up from under the small blanket that had somehow ended up on top of him.
Good to see you awake, boy,” Octavianus said, “I do hope you slept well.”
I'm fine.” Boreas lied, “Just a bit hungry.”
You're in luck, then,” Octavianus said, “for as you can probably smell, Black is preparing breakfast. Incidentally, what did you say your name was?”
I didn't... But it's Boreas.”
Ah, good. Did I introduce myself yet? Regardless, my name is Octavianus, but please call me Octa. For Octavianus is a good name to bear, but rather sesquipedalian.”
R-right, I suppose it is.”
Octa!” Black called, “Breakfast is ready, so wake up our guest and come here!”
Boreas was hungry, of course, but he was a bit afraid of coming closer to the human, still worried he might end up as breakfast. “I don't want breakfast.”
Come, my dear fellow,” Octa said to Boreas, “I heard your borborygmi, so don't pretend you're not hungry. You'll feel better once you've had a decent meal. Besides, I think 'tis about time you met Black.”
Boreas' stomach rumbled loudly and saliva entered his mouth as he smelt the food's delicious odour again, and that convinced him to join Octa and Black. Black was baking food in a pan on a small fire and currently scooping the food onto three plates. He saw Boreas and smiled friendly. “Hey there, Eevee. It's good to see you're awake. Have some breakfast.”
Boreas sat down and ate gratefully. The food was delicious and warmed him from the inside. He felt satisfied for the first time in a day as he ate. He looked up at the friendly human who had rescued him and made him breakfast, and decided he would have to tell Eurus and Zeph that humans-
He felt a lump in his throat and his eyes became hazy with tears as he realised he could never tell Eurus or Zeph how wrong they were, nor would Eurus ever try to make something up and pass it off as truth. Both of them were gone forever. The grief for his lost family came back in full force and bitter tears forced themselves into his eyes.
Black petted Boreas' collar. “There, there, little guy. I can't bring back your family, but I promise I will find you someone to live with. Accumula Town is just a few days away, and there must be something they can do for orphaned pokémon at it's pokécenter. I'll make sure they will take good care of you. By the way, what should I call you?”
Boreas tried to stop crying. “B-Boreas.”
He can't understand you, my dear fellow,” Octa said picking up a small stick, “but let me help you.” he wrote Boreas' name in the earth with the stick in elaborate, curly letters.
Thanks, Octa.” Black said, “so your name is Boreas? Well then, Boreas, don't you worry, we'll get you to safety. Speaking of which, I think we should get going if you're both done eating.”
Black returned the plates and pan to his backpack and they set out over the over the earthy path through the forest. Octa walked next to Boreas and started talking to him. “Say, my dear fellow, I know this is somewhat of a sensitive subject to you, but do you happen to know if your parents were well-bred?”
What do you mean?”
I mean: who selected your grandparents to breed? How far back do you know your family tree? Is your family pure-blooded, or do you descend from any non-Eevees? You must understand, genealogy is somewhat of an interest of mine.”
I... Don't know.”
Octa sighed. “Then you probably aren't well-bred, what a pity. I want you to know, though, that it won't interfere with a potential friendship between us.”
It won't?” Boreas wasn't sure what he'd done wrong, but that was a relief to hear.
No, it won't. Some, like my great-aunt Galaxia, believe those of good lineage should only interact with others of good lineage and treat those who aren't well-bred with contempt, but I don't agree with that. That's just getting things backwards, for it seems to suppose that not having good ancestry is a curse, while good ancestry is the standard. In reality, of course, it is the other way around: good ancestry is a blessing, and the standard is not having so. The fact that you aren't well-bred simply means that while I was born into greatness, you shall have to achieve it for yourself.”
Boreas still wasn't quite sure what Octa was talking about. “What do you mean?”
Octa was, by now, gleaming with pride. “You see, my dear fellow, my family has been bred by expert breeders for thirty-five generations to be an excellent line of great pokémon, and I can, in fact, tell you a plethora of stories about each of those generations. I am a direct descendant, for example, by twenty-six generations, of the Serperior that was used by the warlord Kalgan, whom ruled all of Unova three centuries ago. And my ancestor by thirty-one generations' brother Vigintus was the main pokémon in the team of Sir Edward Slateport, whom discovered Hoenn. And Hieronymus, my ancestor of fifteen generations...”

...Well, you get the idea. He went on like that for hours, describing the life and achievements of what must've been hundreds of members of his thirty-five generation ancestry.”
He sounds like an arrogant, pompous twit.” Aqua said.
Boreas chuckled. “Well, he is. But he's also a nice and guy and a good friend once you get over his smug attitude and obsession with ancestry.”
Still, blabbering about his own family like that to someone who'd just lost his family, and indirectly insulting your family while acting like he's so enlightened...” She grabbed Boreas' paw. “It must've been so hard for you...”
Boreas blushed. “I-uh- well- I didn't feel so bad. And... um... Where was I? Oh yeah. Actually, Octa's stories about his family actually distracted me from my own family, and I was content to just listen to him for several hours. Anyway, in the end I just couldn't hold in my laughter at the weird way he speaks...”

...And so 'twas like that that she- What's so funny, my dear fellow?” Octa stopped talking.
Boreas just couldn't hold in his chuckling. “You talk funny.”
Octa wasn't amused. “What are you insinuating?”
I mean you say things like “my dear fellow” and “'tis”. Do all captured pokémon talk like you?”
Octa had returned to his prideful manner. “No, my dear fellow, not many talk like me. This style of speech signifies a sharp wit, great intelligence, good ancestry, and mastery of our noble language.”
Boreas thought. “So if 'tis like thee, my dear fellow, that that I shall be predilected to employ vocabulary with sesquipedalian loquaciousness, notwithstanding the availability of more comprehensible diminutive alternatives, I shall signify myself to possess all of these qualities? Or shall it just be anaspeptic, prasmotic, or even compunctuous of me to cause others extreme periconbobulations when they cannot comprehend me?”
Both were silent for a moment, then erupted into laughter. Octa slapped Boreas on the back jovially.
Shh.” Black hissed. He was standing still in the path. “Look over there, a Lillipup!”
A Lillipup was sitting under a tree next to the path. It had apparently not noticed them yet. “Excellent.” Octa said, rubbing his hands, “a new teammember.”
No, Octa.” Black said, “I was thinking of capturing it. I hear their final evolution is wicked strong. Get in there and use Vine Whip.”
That's what I- Oh, never mind.” Octa sighed. He ran at the Lillipup and hit it with a vine, to its great surprise.
Great job!” Black called, “Now I can catch it!” He threw a pokéball. It landed harmless several metres to the Lillipup's right. The startled Lillipup ran off into the forest, calling for help.
You missed?” Octa said incredulously, “How could you miss it?”
Sorry, that was the first time I ever threw a pokéball... I thought it would be lighter. Still, it's several days to Accumula, so it's not like we won't run into any other wild pokémon to catch and show to Bianca and Cheren.”
Hmpf,” Octa snorted, “like we'd ever lose a pokémon catching contest to those two.”
Octa, why do you and Black want to catch pokémon?” Boreas asked as they continued on the path.
Because, my dear fellow, the Champion battles with six pokémon. Despite my ancestry and skill, I couldn't hope to defeat six pokémon on my own. So we'll need a team of six by then. Preferably sooner, as most other trainers use multiple pokémon too.”
What is the Champion?” Boreas asked.
Octa stared at him incredulously. “You... Don't know? Sorry, I forgot you are very young and grew up in the wild. The Champion is the most powerful trainer in all of Unova. When Black defeats him, he will be the new Champion, and I will be in the Hall of Fame as his main pokémon. Of course, that will not be a new feat for my family, as I directly descend from nineteen different Hall of Fame members. My grandmother, for example, was in-”
Boreas interrupted him, “Where does the Champion live?”
The Champion can be found all the way in the north of Unova, on the top of a large, deserted mountain. There is a castle there, where the Champion and four other mighty trainers will battle challengers. But to even be allowed to challenge them, one first has to collect all eight badges. This is done by defeating the Gym Leader of each city, a powerful trainer whom is an expert on his or her speciality type. We are currently journeying through Unova to collect all eight badges.”
How many do you already have?”
Octa seemed a bit embarrassed. “Not a single one, actually. Black and I only met yesterday, I was a birthday present to him. We're travelling to Striaton City, where we will defeat our first Gym Leader, and on the way there, we will stop in Accumula to get you a new home.”
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