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Thank you SO much for the review.
Quote originally posted by Kaith:
I just finished playing through and I really liked it and hope you continue unlike the guy who made white (old) version.
Yeah I hope so, too.

Quote originally posted by Kaith:
I've got a small bug report for you.
When I renamed my Bulbasuar to Suar after getting it, the spirte was an egg, not Bulbasuar, and after I named it, it's name went back to Bulbasur, not Suar like I wanted.
That's weird, the script seems fine. Can you do me a favor and try again up to this point and tell me if it keeps happening?

Quote originally posted by Kaith:
The very first guy (not the trainer) inside the first gym says that Flying and Water type pokemon are good against Rock types.
Crap, I forgot to change the values. My bad, thank you and fixed!

Quote originally posted by Kaith:
When using Cut, the trainer reverts to the original sprite.
What exactly do you mean?

Quote originally posted by Kaith:
Only about 50% of the trainers actually come and battle you when you walk in front of them.
It's intentional in some trainers, but I went through most of them and you're right, I didn't set a radius to all of the ones I wanted to. Fixed!

Quote originally posted by Kaith:
Also, a little suggestion. Lower the levels of the trainer pokemon on route 52. They matched the last gym leader's pokemon, and the leader is supposed to be a challange, and the pokemon that follow should be about the same level as the gym trainers, not the gym leaders.
I've thought about that. However, I played through the game and they weren't tough to beat, especially considering how some of them have only one pokemon.

Once again, thank you very much!
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